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Ligs too strong?

Ligs too strong?

I used to hang everyday for about 3 months straight. I started at 5 lbs and at the end of the 3rd month, i was using 17.5 lbs. Since then i have took a month break (with minor gains in length and girth). Now when i hang or hand stretch, i feel no stretch in my ligs like i did before. there is no fatigue even at 15 lbs and it also seems like my skin has shruken back to original deminsions so i don’t think i can go up to 20lbs for the skin. has anyone else experienced this before?

It happened to me after about 2 1/2 months of hanging - I had a week off for a business trip, after that 15 lbs. woudn’t do much. I’m now at 21 lbs. What got the “burn” back for me was three things: 1. I added a 20 min session first thing in the morning in addition to my one hour at night. 2. I do 10 mins of intense JAI stretches mid afternoon. 3. I do reverse kegels while hanging (also, lifting your legs off the floor increses the stretch.

In short, I think you need more time/work, not more weight. It worked for me.

Possibly a change in hang angle may help. I was hanging OTS and Staight out for a while and it seemed to be getting less effective. When the DLD blasters came out I tried them with the same angles but couldnt get any extra pull out of those positions. Changed to BTC and voila!, serious pull and them some. Maybe angle change or blasters would help your situation.

Thanks guys. I tried it again straight out and felt something behind my balls stretch out. i am now going to try things this way for 2 sets and 1 set btc.

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