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Inexpensive jes extender alternative ??

Inexpensive jes extender alternative ??

… does anyone know one ?

I know making such a thing on my own is the cheepest way , but since I am too lazy and stupid for this :

Do you know webpages where to order a stretcher who works similar to the Jes Extender ( I mean using light weight over longer periods under your jeans , all day if possible) which doesn`t cost 1000s of $ ?

I know that there is a device called the penistretcher that is pretty much the same product and I believe it costs around $300. I can’t say that those stretchers actually work because I have never used one. You can find it at Good luck.

O.K ,

thanks for your answer !

Anyone else a suggestion ?

Joe2 just to inform you, I believe Thunder or BIB not too long ago had a comment about stretchers like that. Who ever it was said that that top portion is not good for circulation, and that it pulls down on the head extensively.

Maybe you want to research it, before trying or buying.:spin:

I think what you want is a way to get bigger. Well I think the ADS would allow you to work under your clothes. Invest but one hour hanging or doing these JAI stretches.

Your looking at shelling out hundreds of bucks in the plural sense of the word. $ave yourself some money. Either build a BIB or Buy one they are worth it. Your looking at like a third of the price to a tenth, depending on what fancy contraption you but vs. a HAnger or build one yourself.

The above post is right. Noose style hangers can be a real uncomfortable bitch about them. Bad Circulation. The Home Brew or the Bib is designed better. Check them out.

Shop around before you lay out a single buck. I know money is tight with some of us in certain times.

I have been using an ADS that I purchased a while back. It is called the circle device. I wear it in the evening since I hang throughout the day. As mentioned by T-rex, noose type stretchers are dangerous if not closely monitored. They will cut off circulation to the head. LIL2BIG1 created a tutorial about an ADS that he developed using Theraband. This video tutorial is quite clear on how to do it - INEXPENSIVELY. Check it out on the Tutorials Forum.

Good luck


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


Do you wear your circle device all night- that is - while sleeping?

No. The circle device must use gravity to be effective. I wear it until I go to bed. I used to try and wear the enlarger strap when I went to bed, but it made my dick go numb because I would sleep past the point where it became numb due to poor circulation.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

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