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I think my stretched length is about one inch longer than my ERECT length.

I think my stretched length is about one inch longer than my ERECT length.

I am just wondering about this. When I hang with my BIB my stretched length seems to be a little more than ONE inch longer than my ERECT length. Is this normal and is this what I can expect my erect length to eventually grow to? Or should I expect perhaps half of that stretched length to be permanent? Thanks in advance.

Yeah that’s pretty normal, I suggest working on lots of kegels and doing some more jelqing (but not to much, maybe like 15-20 mins a day for a couple days) to increase the blood flow to your unit which should allow you to convert the flaccid extra inch over to some erect gains due to a stronger erection perhaps. It’s worth a shot.

My stretched length is also over an inch longer than my un-corrected erect. For me, this is because of a strong curve, so at least in my case it’s not indicative of future gains. Do you have any sort of curve, damien?

Yes it’s perfectly normal for your cock to be longer when stretched in the flaccid state. When your cock gets hard the girth and overall mass will cause the length to pull back. And yes it could be a sign of future growth IF you continue to hang on a very regular basis but it will come slowly but gradually.

Your progress can best be gauged using the bone pressed stretched flaccid (BPSF) measurement. When you see growth using that measurement you should see erect growth within 6 to 12 weeks, again depending on your intensity and daily dedication to your routine.

No curve at all. I do know my bpfs seems to be growing, which is a good thing I assume. I’m not so interested in getting more girth but rather Id like to get past 9 inches and then I would think Id go maintenance. Ill monitor my BPFS and see if it’s growth corresponds to increased erect length. Thanks, I was interested in seeing if it is possible to convert nearly all of that BPFS into BP erect length based on others past experiences.

Well, for me it’s just reverse. My BPFSL is at least 1” shorter than my BPEL. Well I think my case is unusual. My flaccid size is also very much average 4.4”, while my BPEL is 9.1”(by recent more accurate measurement). I could never impress girls with my small flaccid state. This is so embarrassing. That’s why usually expose it when full erect. Maybe for some reason my cells are highly expandable by engorgement of blood at erection.

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