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i know,allready asked,but again about unsircumsized


i know,allready asked,but again about unsircumsized

Hi guys,
I’m not a native speaker,so reading all of the treads and searching about this topic is a bit hard for me,so sorry for asking anybody that already helped somebody else about this.

Well,I had 1,5 inches length gains in a 5 months period with breaks only with jelking,and some experimenting,and some good workouts…that’s great!
But now,I thing I have hit some wall,and then saw on the page about routines that so many have gained using the hanger.
I have problems understanding everything when people describe their routines and hanging practices,but I can figure out that most of the guys that use the hanger are actually circumcised,right?
Probably there are only few that are not.

So,my question would be,is it actually much more complicated for uncircumcised guys to get some effective usage of the bib hanger?
And what about gains and experiences of uncircumcised guys
regarding the hanging,and using the bib hanger,including the starter as well?
Are the gains they are experiencing the same?
Is it much more time consuming regarding the solutions for uncircumcised guys using the hanger?
Sorry again and thanks for any help,


I’m not a hanger (but I have a bib :) ).

I don’t think you will have a problem.

Gains should be equivalent.

Circumcised guys spend a bit of time (about 2 weeks) when they start hanging mostly stretching the skin. If you are uncircumcised you should have the advantage of avoiding that at least a little of this by retracting your skin before attaching the hanger. The bib is designed to put pressure enough on the skin to pull on the internal elements.

But if you’ve plateaued, consider simply taking a break of a week and continuing as you were (maybe with a shock routine). Then buy the bib :D

Maybe a seasoned hanger could add apposite remarks to this thread.


thanks for replying,memento,

your post certainly looks encouraging,having a break is exactly where i’m now.

looking forward to read any opinions,



Hey Growely, congrats on your gains thus far! 1.5” via manual routines might mean you will have plateaued from that so I would certainly recommend hanging…I’m uncut too, it’s not much of a problem really just take the first few weeks to stretch your skin with hanging…when I wrap I just pull/stretch the foreskin away from the body as much as possible then wrap…give it a try, you may have plateaued with manual routines and when you hang you can give your a hands a nice rest just sit back, relax and feel the stretch.

Hey J Rock!

Do you mean that you pull the skin towards the head then? Wouldn´t that put more stres on the skin along the shaft and less on the ligs when you hang? Because the skin will always be tight if you gather it at the head.

I´m uncut myself, that´s why I´m curious.



I don’t pull the skin back to expose the head…I pull it away from myself then wrap so there isn’t loose, bunched up skin under the wrap and hanger…I’m no expert here, but this feels right for me.

J Rock,

yeah, that´s what I ment, but do you get a good lig pull from this or mainly skin stretch?

I find that I have a hard time to get good lig pulls and that my skin takes most of the stress.


I’m still learning the ropes as far as hanging goes so it’s not easy for me to discern if it’s skin stretch or lig pull…I can feel some fatigue in my unit and at the base during the day when not hanging so I guess that’s an indication I’m hitting the ligs…my skin really has stretched alot though since I started hanging I think it’s done stretching and now the ligs are getting it, I hope.

Can I take it you guys have already seen this post and this thread? UIShrike has posted quite a reasonable amount but there’s not a lot on uncircumcised hanging here :(

Thanks memento, helpful as always. I have read just about every post on uncut hanging here, and on peforum, though, and bothered bib about it as well.

No doubt there are many very helpful posts but for most of us it still takes lots and lots of experimentation, cut and uncut alike.

Every guys dick is different in both form and sensitivity and on top of that we read and interpret instructions in different ways too, that´s what makes it hard.

Right now I´m doing stretches and I feel I get a good workout from that, will take up hanging again when I have more time and more privacy, then it´s back to finding the right wrappings and settings!


You’re right, nothing beats experimentation :) the little tips here (like 2’s tip to cut out the front of the wrap from a little while back) are just pointers in the right direction.

Don’t mean by posting those threads to assume that you hadn’t read them btw. If they are useful at all they will allow future readers to locate more threads without having to tax the grey matter in scrolling to the top of the screen and pressing search. But hey Bib’s site and posts here are light on uncut stuff (not really suprising).

Nice to see your in the stretching posse :D


no problem mate, even if I have read them it never hurts to read again! Especially just before I start to experiment again, it´s hard to keep so much information fresh in the head.

You´re great at locating useful posts and that´s much appreciated.

Stretching, yeah, I finally decided to read about the AI-stretches, that Johans posted. And I was quite intrigued and have tried them with some success, much like dld descibes in his thread I do reverese kegels when I pull to get a really good stretch, though in my case I get the best pull almost straight out and straight out to the sides instead of up or down.

And I don´t really have a rutine, I do them every now and then, when I have the time and opportunity.


I couldn’t gather from UIshrike’s posts if he pulled the skin back or not…what did BIB have to say on this? Thanks..hope I’m doin this proper.

And thinks for those links Memento, shows you’re here to help others.

J Rock

I am also uncut and having various problems with hanging.Over the last 2 months ive tried nearly every wrap explained on the board with no luck,UIshrike’s,Iwhogan,bibs etc.When you wrap do you pull the skin over the head before you start wrapping.Sorry,just want to make swure i m dong it correctly.It seems to stretch the skin a lot more than the ligs.

J Rock,

if you visit PE-forum I think there was a good thread about this where some of the guys talked a lot about uncut hanging, the link there was posted somewhere here too.

Anyway, this is from my conversation with BiB about this.

Q: When I hang should I bunch up the foreskin towards the head or the base?

A: Well, I don’t think you should bunch it in either direction.

Q: When hanging should the skin along the shaft feel really tight and stretched? Even after the initial skinstretching phase?

A: These are tough questions. I do not have any experience with any uncut penis, so it might be tough for me to help. In general, after I had stretched skin for a while, it would be somewhat loose. It would take very little if any of the stress. It should not be really tight.

First, can you expose the head while flaccid? If so, just pull it out and extend the shaft as far as possible while wrapping. Start the wrap about one inch behind the glans of the head. Then, when you have wrapped, try and pull out the skin toward the base a little. Really, this is more smoothing the skin under the wrap rather than pulling the wrap. Then, put the hanger on at the front edge of the wrap.

If the hanger is too close to the head, it will feel bad. You need at least one inch of shaft to take the stress, rather than the head.


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