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How much for how long


How much for how long

I only have about 45mins- 1hr of privacy each day and I want to start hanging. Yesterday I did it with 15lbs no problem except my head was cold so I guess that is a problem but it was only for about 20 mins. Is an hr a day enough to start with low weights and work my way up or should I do a little more sooner?

If you’re new to hanging you might want to start out with 5lbs and work your way up slowly. An ads would be a very good idea also.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

Starting out with 15 pounds, it’s a wonder you didn’t rip your poor guy off. You need to start with around five pounds as suggested above, and work your way up. I started with five pounds, then moved up to seven after two weeks or so. I only use twelve pounds now , and I’ve been at it for a year and a half. So slow down a bit so you don’t get hurt. If you only have an hour a day to hang, then make the most of it. An ads would definitely be a good idea.

Maybe I have a super strong dick because 15lbs feels great right now of course I’m only doing 2 sets of 15mins with heat on it the ntire time. I dunno if an ads would work well because my uniform for work has pants that would show a lot when I sit down

You might want to review Hanging 101.


5. Pay close attention to the color/temperature of your glans. Dark/cold=bad.


9. Hanging is not a weight lifting competition. Too much, too soon will do more to slow down your overall gains than too little will. Start with a pound or two and move up very, very gradually, adding a pound or two after each week of hanging.

I understand the temptation well.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

Regarding ads - make a search for “stealth” and ads/pe-weights.

Later - ttt


I wouldn’t start out with 15 lbs quite yet. You need to conditiond the Ligaments to handle the weight. To start with 2.5 lbs would be about right for the first week, then move up to 5 lbs. Within the first month you should be able to hang 15 lbs. Be carefull with the weights.

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If you jump up in weight too fast you may be able to handle it for a few sessions.

But I think you’ll be surprised at how fast an injury can occur. You can develop a blister without even feeling it.

Then you’re out of the game for a week or more.

You really do have to condition yourself. There are other tricks and techniques you’ll learn at the lower weights, too.

I guess I should start a lot lower, this is my 2nd day off since my last hang and I can feel my ligs are a little sore


Do you feel the lig soreness at the base only when you pull on the unit? Or do you feel the lig soreness at all the time (not pulling on the unit)?


Actually only when I press on them, can’t feel the soreness other than that

The problem with starting out at too much weight is that instead of getting a relaxed gain, what will happen is you’ll traumatize your unit into a protection mode that will cause retraction and build up of excess collagen. Then your in trouble because the body is going to fight to protect the damaged unit. The better idea is to sneak up on your ligs with lighter weights. There is a difference between fatigue and outright damage.

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I’m looking at dumbells right, 20lbs set. 2 2lbs, 2 3lbs and 2 5lbs. Would this be good to use as I can mix up the weight a bit, what do you guys use?

I actually use a gallon jug full of water (approx. 8.5 pounds) , and then I have a rope tied to the handle with a cable clamp. I can add extra weight this way by using simple weight plates I bought at Wal-Mart for about four dollars a piece. So in answer to your question, Yes the dumbbells would work fine.

One can persuade his dick to grow, not force it to as fighting against one’s self can only lead to ego’s defeats.

In my opinion, if you want to dedicate about one hour a day to hanging, you should accurately read HANGING 101 bearing in mind that that is about the best way to go about hanging for a beginner.

Also, unless you have a good friend who can teach you PERSONALLY how to wrap, you should dedicate much time and effort to learn how to wrap properly, as that (together with excess weight) is the most likely reason why your penis becomes dark and cold after a session.

If, for some reasons, you feel that you can follow a different approach, then you might decide to start with two 20 minute sessions in the morning and another two at night by applying two or three pounds of weight and increase the weight by one pound every second week or so.

In this way, about nine months from today, you shall be able to hang up to 20 pounds without having suffered injuries and, very likely, you shall have experienced some good growth.

Perseverance wins

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