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How did Bib hang SO, and Ligs?

How did Bib hang SO, and Ligs?

Hey this is a quick question. I was just wondering how Bib set up for hanging SO. I mean did he use a bungee cord, a pulley system or did rig up his own special device? Any replies would be appreciated.

I was also wondering what each different hanging angle worker specifically.
For instance what ligament does BTC. Or SD, because I think that they target different ligs,
Also SO and OTS along with OTL what do these particular angles specifically target. I was just wondering about these things.
Thanks for your replies.

If I remember correctly Bib had a pulley deal for SO. I don’t think he ever used a bungee, just raw weight.

As to what areas are hit by a particular angle, I think you may have to find that out for yourself by experimenting- try one angle only for a bit and then switch to a very different angle. The belief is that SO hits more in the tunica, even more so OTS, while SD hits the ligs more, BTC even more so.

Since shifting to SO exclusively, I feel nothing in the ligs, ergo the stress must be going elsewhere [I believe the tunica, my objective].

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Thanks, but does anyone know what each angle specifically targets? And how did BIb rig up his pulley if he really used one?

Bib was a comfy executive chair guy with an office in his house I believe. He had a desk, possibly with a pulley set up underneath, and used to be in there for hours at a time. He might have used another chair to act as a ledge to dangle it straight off of.

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