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Homemade Hanger Models and Instructions

I don’t think so because I always pay attention to my health and be careful about it but nothing seems bad here. Well it has been 2 hours of hanging, I will stop now . I will keep telling the results of this simple device in this forum.

Has anyone successfully made a homemade Vac Hanger yet? I haven’t been able to find any reference to one in this thread.


Originally Posted by ThunderSS
I think you need to do a lot more reading about potential damage that a poorly designed hanger might cause thriller.

I took your advice man ! Thank you for warning. After reading the topic about the guy who got irreversible ED damage, I have to say that I have stopped hanging. IT is too scary ! Hanging is dangerous but this guy just injured of jelqing. Even jelqing may cause in losing your penis.

I think I will just simply jelq.Hope it works.

What about putting some weights in a sock, your unit in the sock as well, and then tie it with something?

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Originally Posted by Piet
I can see you put a lot of effort in that but a hanger with hollow sides won’t get a decent grip. You will be mainly stretching skin also your glans will engorge and turn purple. Be careful!


What exactly do you mean by “hollow sides”? I haven’t logged into the forum in a while, sorry for the delayed response.

To be honest, I only hang a few hours a week. I know most everyone on here is out to increase their size but I’m mostly after the sex drive boost.

I’m 40 and a few years ago I noticed a dip in my sex drive. I’m not one to take drugs, so I looked for an alternative.and read about hanging. For me, it’s a sex drive boost and that hanger seems to do the trick. My sex drive is no different now than when I was 20, and it just takes a few sets of hanging per week to keep the sex drive at peak levels and erections rock hard.

I just started experimenting with this: I cut the finger off of a cloth glove. I force my penis through it which takes some time but makes a good fitting sleeve with my head poking out. Then I use a metal shower curtain ring and hang it through the sleeve on the bottom side of my penis. On the ring is Three Huge thick metal washer weighing about two lbs. I wear it all day at work. If the fit is good I can add more washers or remove based on the color and feeling of my penis. This seems to help keep me from turtling and gives a light hang for 9 hours. Do you think this will help at all?

Sounds great Red. Only part I don’t understand is what you do with the shower ring. Any pics?

I actually found a large rubber glove works better for a light hang all day. I cut the tip off of the middle finger and slide my penis in from the end of the finger. The finger of the glove makes a full shaft cover for my flacid penis. I then use the first and middle finger to tie the shower ring with five washers on it. I wear it all day at work. It actually fell out at walmart last night, came down my pants leg and fell on the floor by my shoe. OOPS. Anyways, this seems to give me a light hang all day and keeps me from turtling. I am definitely seeing results from all this PE stuff. Just trying to not overdo it.

That has always been my biggest fear with an ADS - that it will slip off. I use golf weights but have taken some sweat shirt material and wrapped the last two weights together and then use the same wrap around the head. I can hold 4 weights and for the most part don’t fear them slipping off anymore.

Went to a reversible velco strap which hold the shower curtain hook onto the penis over a cloth wrap. I have 5 weighted washers on it and am wearing it daily at work and at home. The velcro works better as it is quick release and completely adjustable. Good for a beginner i believe.

Not sure why you would want to hang something from your penis?



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