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Head size and hanging?

Head size and hanging?

If you hang so that your head is fully full of blood, and you hang only for 10 minutes per time, do you think it might affect head size? I mean if you keep the head rock hard. The weight would be like pulling your head and not let go, it would only go bigger. I did this for 2 minutes with a 3 pound weight. I had to stop because I didnt have time but I will try some more later..

It might, but I think you’re more likely to cause an injury than to benefit from it. When I first started hanging, my head was almost always somewhat hard (sometimes very hard), and it was a little too harsh on my glans. My head became sore, and I even shrunk up a little as my glans needed to repair itself. I also saw discoloration starting to build up on my head, and I didn’t like that. You are cutting the circulation off of your glans and putting a lot of pressure on it, it’s just not worth it in my opinion.

In the end, I think it is a lot easier to do other safer exercises to target glans girth. Pumping and manual squeezes both put pressure on your glans, and you can completely control the pressure that your glans gets (assuming you’re pumping with a pump that has a gauge). However, you are probably more conditioned than I am, so I’ll let you make your own decisions. (:

I think a better way too go would be to practice wrapping just tight enough to semi-restrict the blood from escaping the glans, keeping it full for an extended period of time. I seem to remember the old timers doing something like this and I also seem to remember a thread over at Bibs on the subject.

You seem to be doing something similar but with the added stress of weight combined with entirely cutting off blood flow. I think this may be a recipe for disaster. You may end up with nerve damage and possibly a glans that doesn’t get hard anymore.

If you are interested in increasing glans size then why not just play it safe and follow a more tried and tested routine?

Then (4.5 nbpel x 4.75 mseg)

Now (5.625 nbpel, x 5.25 mseg)

yea i have had problems tying the clothes around the penis. i almost always make it too tight, penis goes dark colored, its hard etc (i only keep 20min at a time but i havent hanged over 10 times in my hanging history even..). or then its too loose and penis slips through away..

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