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Have I made gains?

Have I made gains?

I started PE in september 2007. Mostly I did manual stretches and used my JES extender a couple of hours a day. Never did notice any major results though, maybe 2,5 cm (1 inch) in flacid and perhaps 0,5 cm while erect (0,2 inch).

Last 5-6 weeks I have been using the vacu hanger. Since then I have been able to hang 5-7,5 kg for 20 min or more. After my hanging sessions I feal soreness around the base of my dick (the ligs?). Is this a good sign? I noticed some results like my flacid hang is bigger and lasting all day long efter a hanging session. My erections are stronger also. Yet I haven`t noticed as much gain in the erect state. I also noticed that I can stretch my flacid dick much longer (not longer time, longer in cm/inches can`t find the word in english) when using the JES. At the beginning I used 3 inch bar (one 2 inch bar + one 1inch) and now I can use two 2inch bars whitout the glands slipping out the JES device. Perhaps the erect gains is soon to come?
When I feal my ligs are soore, should I rest a couple of days or continue hanging each day?

I hope you understand my, sometimes, bad english. :)

As long as you feel comfortable without pain or whatnot, you should be safe. A certain amount of soreness is always prevalent after a workout, no matter whether you’re doing manual stretches or throwing in some hanging sets.

Sparkyx has written a very good article on physiological indicators (click to read). You might want to check back there if you’re worrying about overtraining and its symptoms.

Have some gains makavelia, and take care.

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

Thanks!! Good article!

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