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has anyone ever used a cloth hanger?

has anyone ever used a cloth hanger?

I’m thinking of making a simple hanger out of cloth; basically just a wrap made of thick cotton, with two straps buckled tightly over it on my shaft and an s-hook punched through the bottom for weights.

Will this work?


IMHO it won’t work……
Cloth is not as sturdy as other materials. You definitely cannot hang heavy weights- maybe you can hang at most 5lb. There is a risk that cloth slipping and pinching the skin, leading to discolorations and other problems. Some people suggested using leather!

There was a post about a hanger made with a rope wrapped around; veterans suggested that it is not a good idea. I am no veteran; if you decided to build one, be extremely careful when you attach weights. Start with very light weights to test it and see if it can hold.

You can build an AFB in less time to build yours. The hanger is not a problem as much as the wrap is—at least for me. You need a hanger and start experimenting. You will learn from your mistakes more than ideas on paper.

Good Luck


Hello, and welcome to the world of hanging. Please attempt to do this as correct as possible. I have no idea of your financial $ituation, but I recommend the Bib Hanger or Starter. I own one and thing of it is the single best investment my penis ever made! If money is tight, you can build your own using either the plans of the AFB or the Homebrewed BIB.

I am a student, soon living on his own. I have school to pay for and other”shit”. But the cost was worth it! A Real production Bib is the key if you suck at arts and crafts and never had that woodshop in high school. At 120.00 for a BIb or 85.00 for a starter it is easy to afford. Shit I spent that much a weekend on stupid ass shit!

Just food for thought! Good luck with whatever you decide! TT

I am dead wrong.


I was checking the site and I found this thread “Taoist penile weight lifting”. Very interesting.

In short, this man using a piece of silk can attach over 100 lbs to his crotch.

I am wrong and sorry.

Well I must admit it too, If you can use Silk than it is easier to hide than a Bib Hanger or Starter.

But isn’t it more expensive for the length you need to hang with than a Bib? I have no idea, but always thought silk was well expensive. Maybe some synthetic shit out there is stronger and or cheaper.

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