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Hanging with weight behind hanger


Thanks for the suggestions blink!

I’m sure my technique needs improvement.
About the settings of the hanger I don’t think I make errors since the two sides of the hanger are perfect parallel when tightened so the hanger presses on the two major erectile chambers.As for the wrap,maybe I can improve it but right now this is the best I can do.
I read so much information about hanging including your question addressed to Bib and his answers (very helpful) from your diary,I experimented myself with a home made hanger before buying the Bib starter and theoretically I understand the process very well but still I have a hard time when it comes to practice.
I guess small steps and patience is the key.

Some of it is just adjusting to the hanger as well. The first few weeks is mostly just skin stretching (you probably noticed this), adapting to attachment point stresses, and figuring out your technique. As your technique improves, the amount of weight that feels ‘comfortable’ will go up faster. I’ve noticed silly changes like adjusting the bottom hex nuts combined with wrap changes, or minor other seemingly minor adjustments of my hanger attachment technique have sometimes allowed me to increase my maximum weight by small amounts.

I’m sure you’ve noticed already that as the weight increases, you have to keep improving your technique & making the hanger tight to avoid slippage.

Ultimately, I think it’s just about being consistent. Reach fatigue in one of your first two sets, then ‘ride it out’. Do it daily—but don’t push beyond the point of injury. Right now I’m trying to learn how to understand my own fatigue better, since it’s that daily, consistent fatigue that will ultimately bring the deformation and the results.


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