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Hanging with weight behind hanger


Hanging with weight behind hanger

Hi guys,I’ve been doing PE for about one year now.
I started with the newbie routine which didn’t do much to my unit so from February this year I decided to start hanging.
I’ve started with 3 lbs and things were going nice,I could feel that something is happening to my unit,something I’ve never felt before.
As time went by I had to add weight because I couldn’t feel the fatigue anymore.At around 7lbs things started to go bad because the pressure exerted to the tunica was too much to handle.
As I was hanging with a home made hanger I thought that my hanger is not doing the job so I’ve bought the Bib Starter.
I can see that the product is better than my home made but even so I still can’t hang more than 4-5lbs without the hanger to come too much over the head causing too much discomfort.I have to mention that I’m uncut so the extra skin must be one of the factors that make hanging heavy more difficult for us.
Anyway after experimenting with many types of wrapping and attaching I decided to modify a little my method of hanging.So here’s what I do:I attach the Bib as I did before,than I apply the weight directly on the penis on the back of the hanger,holding the hook of the hanger(originally used to attach weight) with my hand.The weight is attached on a belt and the belt is applied on the penis like you apply a necklace.This creates a v shape to my unit like the (v stretches) and I’m actually able to hang 12lbs because the weight is not direction directly on the head but in the middle of the penis.
I will let you know how the things will continue but I was thinking this could be an use full method for uncut guys to hang as heavy as they need.

Let me know what you guys think.

Sorry for posting to newbie but I can’t make a new thread on the hangers forum so I ask the admin. To move it there if possible.


I’m not sure about the method you are using, so I cant comment.

I started hanging with a wench back in April. I did have a few problems around the 7-8lbs mark. Drop the weight and continue to hang. You may find that you increase and decrease the weight by 1-2 lbs over a 1-2 week period, but then you will find that you will be able to up the weight when your tissues are ready.

I got my bib hanger about 1 week ago. I’m hanging quite happily and I’m uncut. Experiment with different settings and wrappings, the more you play the better it gets. Bib is great at answering questions. Have you watched stillwantmore’s video (he is uncut by the looks of things)? It is linked in Bib’s forums in “The Basics” forum. In the video he is using a hanger without padding, so you wont need as thick a rap as he does if you have the padded version.

However, I think you just need to drop the weight 1lb and get used to the weight, and then try uping the weight for a session and see how it feels.

How I attach the hanger! Check this post out it made me realize what I was doing wrong.

I also think that you need to try different methods of wrapping and play with the adjustments on the BIB Starter to prevent the hanger from sliding down so much.

I do something similar, however. I use a small dog muzzle to hang weight from various points along the shaft to effect a V-stretch without having to use both hands. I use some sort of wrap. The muzzle is just big enough to slide over my flaccid, wrapped penis and I attach the weight plates to the strap that would go around the back of the dog’s head to secure the muzzle. I hold my penis just below the glans, as you would for a normal stretch and allow the weight to do the stretching.

I’ve tried this with up to 10 lbs so far. When one hand gets tired, you can switch to the other and my hands don’t seem to tire as quickly because you don’t need to pull outward to effect the stretch.

Thank you guys for your advises.

I will definitely check stillwantmore video and continue experimenting with different types of wrapping.I also want to continue this experiment that permits me to use more weight for the first sets and than I can hang normal for the end sets.
I have to say that my attachment is right were the wrap starts approx 1cm from the glans and it seems to be the best so far.Even so if I use more than 6-7 lbs the hanger is starting to press hard on the head leaving me with a dark tip of the head.Sometimes I find it better not squeezing all the blood from the head that way the hanger can stay better on the head without going down.
I’m sure that every little adjustment counts but whatever I do I just can’t hang more then 5 lbs with the normal method.
I also find it hard to believe that somebody can actually hang 25to 30 lbs unless he has a iron glans.

Thanks for the comments and I will keep you updated.

I can’t comment on if that’s a good way to hang or not. And since I’m circumcised I can’t give any tips on attaching the hanger that would help you out. I’d advise you to go to Bibs forum and look there and if you can’t find anything make a post and see if he can get you going in the right direction.

As a circumcised hanger I can easily do 20lbs (I’ve been hanging 10 months now). One piece of advise I can pass along is it takes a while to get the wrapping down just right. In the beginning it was painful and over time I got better and better at it. I’d say I only mastered it a few months ago. The key is definitely in the wrap.

Started: BPEL 6.75" MSEG 4.75", Now: BPEL 7.75" MSEG 5.438", Goal: BPEL 8" MSEG 6"

Originally Posted by magikcircle


I have to say that my attachment is right were the wrap starts approx 1cm from the glans and it seems to be the best so far…

The hanger should be attached lower, more near the base. The weight will make it shift toward the glans, the bit of blood compressed attaching the hanger lower will create a plug that will enable you to use more weight.

I experienced the same problem initially using the regular BIB hanger, getting a little circular area at the tip of the glans that got puffed up and dusky after hanging 15-20 minutes. I eventually overcame this with changes in wrapping materials and techniques and minute adjustments in the hanger.

I agree with applying the hanger closer to the base initially. Tighten it partially, then “pulse push” it toward the glans as far as it comfortably want to go. You will find that the hanger and the underlying wrap that the hanger carries along with it forms a “shoulder” of soft tissue and skin that sits in the scooped out recess in the hanger that accommodates the glans. At this point tighten the hanger as much as you need to to prevent further slipping after the weight is applied.

Something I found helpful is to reassess and readjust if necessary every 5 minutes or whenever it doesn’t “feel right”. I simply lift up the weight with one hand, grab the glans and bunched up skin and penis soft tissue, and stretch it back out from the hanger. I also give the glans a squeeze and see how long it takes to “pink up”. The “capillary refill time” should only take a few seconds. If you squeeze the glans and it remains blanched for more than 5 sec or so, loosen the hanger a little. It sounds like this process takes a long time, but actually it only takes about 15-20 seconds to perform this quick check and I have found it reduces the tendency for the glans and distal shaft to swell and get dusky.

Thank you so much for your advises guys!

Today I experimented with attaching the hanger closer to the base,more exactly at the middle of the penis where the wrap is more tight.
I have to say that I have seen an improvement already.When applying the weight,the hanger goes down but not so much to press that hard on the head.Of course I’m still far from perfect and I’ve only used 5 lbs but I have to admit that there is an improvement.
I will continue to perfect this method and hope to be able to hang more weight in the future.I don’t want to rush it.

Thanks again and I will keep you updated with my progress.

Yes, while you are still trying to figure out the best way to wrap, the best position to apply the hanger, and fine-tuning adjustment of the hanger, I would keep the weight fairly light. Once everything feels really good you can start to ramp it up.

I use a 4”X24” piece of t-shirt material to wrap. I have a feeling you’re not tightening the device enough to hold onto the tunica. I usually hang with fifteen pounds without much irritation.

I also use t-shirt material to wrap and believe me the wrap is as tight as it can be.But no matter what I do,the hanger ends up very close to the tunica,with the edge of the wrap down on the tunica like in the middle.That makes pressure on the tip of the tunica and I always end up with half dark hear after a 15min session with only 5 pounds.It is really frustrating and no matter what I try is always like that.
I think the biggest problem is the skin that is sliding no matter how tight the attachment is.

"Fr8lnr01,, Are you uncut?

I’m cut. I do not ever remember reading about anyone not getting discoloration while hanging. That is why we take breaks between sets; in order to restore circulation to the normal state. A lot of people jelq during the break in order to make sure the blood perfuses the tissue well.

Yes I agree that is normal to get some sort of red head after a session of hanging,and I also jelq between the sets in order to regain circulation.
However I have some old discoloration (few months ago) that never disappeared.Is something like a few darker marks on the tip of the head.I’m sure I might have pushed it in the beginning.
Anyway my penis is perfectly healthy so I think is not a big deal.Does this happened to anyone else?

Things are going better now and I did some progress with my wrapping technique.I started using theraband after the t-shirt wrap and I can see that the hanger is much more stable now.

Originally Posted by magikcircle
At around 7lbs things started to go bad because the pressure exerted to the tunica was too much to handle

It’s quite possible your hanging technique needs to improve.

First, the bottom hex nuts can’t be too wide, or you wont get good traction. this could force you to wrap thicker. however, this can make things awkward, and even with a thicker wrap, it can actually limit the amount of weight you can hang.

If the bottom hex nuts are too narrow you can bruise the bottom of your shaft (or put undue pressure there) since the pressure ends up being applied all over the shaft, instead of where it should be: on the two major erectile chambers; ie the sides of your penis.

Extreme “Toe in” / \ or “Toe Out” \ / settings, where the front hex nuts are set much wider or much narrower can either cause slippage or noose-like effects. Personally, I’m currently using parallel settings | | where the hex nuts are spaced evenly.

Recently I actually set my hex nuts narrower so I could keep my wrap thinner. This allowed me to wrap more of my shaft, and now my hanger has better traction (since it’s in contact with more surface area along my shaft).

There are other factors to consider—if your wrap is either too lose or too tight this can cause issues as well. Personally, I use an HTW underneath with theraband on top. I’ve learned how to make this work for me, so I’ve stuck with this method. I tried other methods but they just weren’t as comfortable for me.

Getting your own perfect settings can be really difficult, but I would encourage you to experiment until you figure out the settings that work best for you. Using the hanger a little more as intended will reduce your injury risk and protect your penis. The Bib is designed to avoid putting pressure on the dorsal nerve. If you don’t use the hanger properly, you could do some damage.

Good luck figuring out what works best for you.

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