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Hanging with the Bib Uncut

Hanging with the Bib Uncut

I am uncut and I am still not sure if I pull the extra skin and wrap it or pull it back and wrap with the glan exposed, because if I pull my skin back and wrap with my glans exposed as soon as I just let go of my head the head retracts in the wrap ( the skin covers the head), Also I am having a hard time staying flaccid when wrapping, anyone have any advise on this, I think it is harder to stay flaccid when wrapping since I am uncut because when my head is more sensitive and since you have to pull on the head when wrapping.

Hi there chitonan.

Please read one of the last posts here about uncut wrapping, since I posted some links there to back posts regarding that subject. You should read them as there are quite a few good instructions for us uncuts in regards to wrapping and hanging. As for my personal experience, I never hang with the foresking pulled back. Just has soon as I let the weight hang it makes the foreskin cover the glans again, which may cause the hanger to fall off, making an “head jelq” in the process (which for me, in the few time it happened was painfull has hell).

Now, as for your question regarding staying flaccid, it’s hard for me too. I normally do some stretches before wrapping to see if the flaccid state settles. The while still grabbing behind the head and pulling I start wrapping. This normally is enough.

Hope this help,



Hey there, I too am uncut and I find that pulling the skin back to where it barely covers the glans is effective. Also the foreskin is probably “rolling over” because you are not tightening the hanger enough… You need to grab the internal structure of the penis otherwise the skin will just roll over and boy that would probably hurt if it happened while hanging.

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>Hey there, I too am uncut and I find that pulling the skin back to where it barely covers the glans is effective.<

How much weight do you use?

I experimented with this a few years ago, but anything over the low weights gave real pain in the foreskin.

edit - barely covers would probably be OK, pulled back fully is what I was referring to above. I wrap with the skin halfway over the head, but during hanging the skin is fully over the head due to the hanger sliding forward. This works well for me, at lower weights it will be even more effective, because of less ‘sliding’.


I have another question for you all. When you guys hang, is your head totally flaccid, because 80% of the time my head has a bulge, because of the blood build up in there, I am never able to get my head totoally flaccid when I am hanging. I guess it is ok when I am using low weights, but after I pass 7.5 lbs it starts hurting, do you guy have this problem?

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