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hanging vs Penimaster vs Pumping

hanging vs Penimaster vs Pumping

I know this is a hanging site and I just got my Bib a week ago. It is a serious piece of hardware and I compliment Bib on the design. That said I still would like to ask if ADS with something like a Penimaster is a relatively effective way to gain an inch or gain anything for that matter. I ask because I may not have the privacy to be strapping down serious weight on a regular basis. Also, please any feedback on pumping from those who have pumped and or combine pumping in their regimen. I am looking at a moderate 20 minute session 5 days a week to supplement the sausage after hanging. My goals are to gain about an inch. This should break the Mach9 barrier and put me at 9 3/8 erect. I am content with my girth though if more gets pulled out from the body I won’t kick it out of bed. Like money, few of us in the PE trade would refuse a little more flesh. Comments are welcome but please speak from your experience. So much pro and con has been said about pumping, its hard to make sense of it. best to all in growth,JelkyWadHolmes


I do not have any experience with pumping, and little with an ADS system. But my thinking is that use of an ADS after a hanging session is great. You might not do any more actual deformation with the ADS, but it would keep the tissues in the extended state after deformation.


Bib, thanks for your opinion. After extensive reading it seems to me that what is key to growth and what frustrates so many is the need for keeping stress on the stretched area and maintaining a space in which new cells can grow and multiply. Without this the traumatized tissue simply scars over and reverts to its original size. The gaps created by tissue trauma must remain open for extended periods of time to summon new and additional cell multiplication. I know some of this is theoretical but it remains the basis for much of the tissue expansion work being done in plastic surgery now. When I look at your regimen Bib it was both intense and extended. If you leave out the multiple hours a day of continued hanging I doubt despite your ability to hang heavier and heavier weight that you would have summoned the gains you did.

To this end I am going to work on a device I would call the ANS or All Night Stretcher Weight. I used to have one back 8 years or so ago but was unable due to relationship problems to use it with much regularity. It was rather simple. Attach with strong medical tape a string or loop to the penis and while in a prone position in bed extend the string out over the edge of the bed with a light weight on the end of it. I think I was doing 2 or 3 pounds max. Then fall asleep and let time take care of the rest. Sometimes I would wake up 4 hours later and the tape would be pulling off but the principle of constant static stretch is championed here and think makes good sense. A PeniMaster worn thruout the day could seal the deal. Does anyone know about this ANS technique and if there are any devices already made and being marketed. I bought mine like I said years ago and he may have gone out of business. all the best,JelkyWad

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