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Hanging over the shoulder

Hanging over the shoulder

I’ve noticed the tension can greatly increase or decrease simply by arching your back or shoulder. I really like this excercise alot. Just wanted to share this with you all.


Yes. Now, have you tried kegaling while hanging OTS?


Yes! This is much better than stretching by hand in my humble opinion.

But how can you tell how much weight or tension is applied by hanging OTS?`It varies by moving your back.

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>But how can you tell how much weight or tension is applied by hanging OTS? It varies by moving your back.

I don’t think you can exactly. One option to keep it consistent is to use a lighter weight than you intend to apply and always lean back as much as possible. Lean forward first to let the strap slip backward, then lean back until the strap starts to slip on your shoulder.

Hey Y’all,

I’ve got a stupid question. How do you hang over the shoulder or straight out?


OTS or over the shoulder can be done via taking a towel putting over a shoulder and having the weight attached to your pecker. Instead of letting it hang down like straight down or BTC you sling it upwards and make sure the rope, cord, etc… will go over your one shoulder. The towel acts as a cushion so the belt OR whatever your using doesn’t dig into your flesh.

SO or straight out would be like having a table in front of you. You hang the weight off the far side a bit but the strap is going across the table so it is getting a different pull point form you. That of course being straight out.

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Hey beowulf

There’s probably a million and one ways for each, but here’s how I do it.

SO - I use an ironing board, the kind with the metal legs that hinge in the middle and form an “X” when set up. Sitting on the edge of my bed I place the the ironing board in front of me just as you would if you actually wanted to iron. Centre the X made by the legs directly in front of your penis making sure its roughly level. My weights have a length of rope about 18” long attached to them with a small loop in the free end. I pull this rope up and over the X then attach the loop to my S hook and simply push the board away from me until the weights are off the floor. Note - you can also go straight into a BTC stretch by simply lying back on the bed and putting your feet up on the top of the board. Don’t fall asleep:)

OTS - Using the same length of rope attached to the weights. Slide a piece of flexible tubing over it before tying the loop. Lift the weights up and over your shoulder centering the tubing on your shoulderand and attach the loop to your S hook. There will still be some friction on the rope but fairly minimal.


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Thanks TT and North … from the mechanically challenged.


I hang OTS now with a lifting tackle. So you really know, what weight you are using.

I’ve been using a back pack abandoned by my kids. This thing is plenty sturdy and has extra D rings in the shoulder straps to attach the rope to attach to my Bib Hanger. I can put my 20 lb. weight stack in the main compartment and get a very good 20 minute stretch or 2 after my regular hangs straight out. I could post a pic if anyone is interested. It does allow me to move around and get things done. The biggest draw back to hanging is being stationary. I just cannot sit still when there’s work to get done.

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