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Hanging in College

Hanging in College

What’s up guys, its been a little while since I’ve posted, I’ve been kinda busy this first month at school. I just got a bibstarter and was wondering if anybody hangs in college? Its tough with the whole privacy and time thing, but I do believe that it can be done. Any college hangers here?

I live off campus and have my own room. The problem is that I don’t have a lock on the door so privacy is less than perceived. This is why my hanging sessions are limited to late at night. If you’re in a dorm with a roomate I have no idea how you can get enough privacy to stick to a thorough routine. I would like to hear everyone’s ideas as well.

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You can’t get the main office to install a lock on your door? Or maybe convince them you need one and ask if you can install it yourself (lockable door knob kind)? I live off campus, and it seems to be mandatory for most places off campus to have locks on the bedroom doors from what I’ve seen.

I am also a college student interested in beginning to hang to achieve my length goal. I’m worried about the same issues due to the fact that I live in the dorms. I am not sure how to work around these obstacles yet. I’ve only been able to do the newbie routine in the shower, bathroom stall, or in my room if my roomate is gone.

I can only hope to have a very busy roomate next semester.

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Re: Hanging in College

As stroker said, go to Walmart and get a $8 locking doorknob. Or any home store should sell a little flip latch device that can be mounted high on the door. You lift it, swing it over in front of the door, then lower it into a slot and it prevents the door from being opened. No one will know its there! I have one one my bedroom door to prevent the kids from walking in on us parents doing the secret handshake!

I’m a second year college student and I hang almost 2 hours a day. I live off campus in an apt and I have my own room. The room didn’t have a lock on it when I moved in, but I just swapped my doorknob with the locking knob from the bathroom.

If you can’t do this, then go buy a doorknob for $10 at home depot. All you need is a screwdriver and a brain to install one. Make sure to save the old doorknob so you can replace it when you eventually move out. :)


Just go to the college administrator and tell him you would like some privacy so you can add weights to your penis to get a bigger penis for the ladies, I’m sure he will understand.


Ha ha. Yeah that’s a good idea. No I’ve actually been searching for like a private “study” room I can drop in on. My library has tons but they’re only for aspiring Phd’s writing their dissertations or something. I’m going to give it one more shot today. I live with a roommate, and I have about an hour and a half two days a week when I can lock the door and be alone, but that’s it. Still searching.

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