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Hanging for 30 40 and 50 minutes


Hanging for 30 40 and 50 minutes

Hi, I really couldn´t find something close to a scientific answer to this.

Is it safe to hang for 40 or more minutes? (If I see the dick isn’t turning blue,getting cold like ice or completely loosing sensibility).

My experience is that I can hang for 35 minutes (haven’t tried more) without noticeable problems, but I don’t know if it is going to bring long term problems to my dick.

Is someone in this forum experienced in long hanging sessions?

Sorry if this has been talked about long ago. But I cannot read the hole forum.

currently 22cm/8.66 inches (Flaccid Bone Pressed)
GOAL 25cm/9.84 inches (Flaccid Bone Pressed)
REAL GOAL: To have a 23/4cm Non Bone Pressed Dick.

Bone Press is a good way to spot gains, but it’s an unrealistic measurement IMO.

I’m not experienced but the general opinion is it’s better to take at least a short break every 20-30 minutes just to be safe. Unless you have something different than the rest of us going on you don’t have a spare penis.

With that being said there are people that wear ADS devices for extended periods of time with no problem. My guess is that if your setup allows circulation in your penis with no coldness or discoloration you should be fine.

I would still recommend against it though. Say you just take a two to three minute break every twenty minutes that would make an hour of hanging take an extra nine minutes- well worth the time in my opinion.

Thanks for your opinion.

It all depends on your unit. If it is getting cold or purple then you should cut back, but if there is no problems like this then it should be ok.

I have just started hanging again after a break (unintentional) and I am trying a slightly different routine of hanging for long periods, but with low weights. This means that I can hang with my captains wench without the need for a cable clamp and so without the risk of cutting off the blood supply.

I am not sure whether it will be as effective as hanging for 10-20minutes with heavy weights, but I feel that it is a safer option and I’d rather take longer to gain than risk damaging my unit.

Good luck with the routine and keep us all posted as to how you get on with it.


The way I see it, by doing 35-40 min instead of 20 or less (being already verified as safe) you increase the risk of injury without adding benefit. EFFECT(1x40) = EFFECT(2x20), however RISK(1x40) > RISK(2x20).


My point was that it is safer to hang 1kg for 40 min than 2kg for 20 min.

I do understand your point about 40 minutes being more dangerous and maybe I should have stated more clearly that if you are to hang for more than 20 minutes you have to be very careful about keeping an eye on your equipment.

As I said though, I stand by the fact that when I am hanging lower weights I don’t need the hanger to be as tight, as such it doesn’t restrict the blood flow as much as it did when I used higher weights and a clamped hanger. Because of this it is *safer* (not safe) to hang for longer periods of time.


I’m constantly checking on the dick for ANY unwanted symptom that could arise. I think I’ll just try this 30/35 minute thing and post any change in my unit. I will not force my dick to withstand 35 minutes of hanging. But I’ll do that amount of time every time it feels ok.

I’m currently in a plateau (I think) so I’m trying new angles, times and stuff in order to break it.

I believe that after 17 minutes of total constriction of blood flow, tissue death begins.

If you can hang a weight for 35 minutes (or longer), then the weight you are using is simply too light.
After conditioning your unit to the rigours of hanging, use a weight that will give you substantial fatigue inside of 20 minutes.

Forget this stuff about 35+ minute sets guys. It is simply too dangerous.

Remember, tissue death begins after only 17 minutes!

So you don’t think extending hanging at light weights are effective?

The way I look at it, it is half way between an ADS and hanging. It keeps my little fella extended, beyond the normal range of stretch and allows it to heal like that. I am hanging/stretching like this for 3-4 hours a day with no apparent side effects and have done so for a week or so.

I am not convinced that any tissue death is occurring, in fact I am more concerned when I hang higher weights and the head goes cold(ish) after 15min.

I will be careful though and report to let you know if I’ve achieved anything after a month or so.


The number one reason I don’t go over 20 minutes is to avoid discoloration. Actually, lately I’ve been stopping at around 15 minutes, taking the hanging device off, slapping my dick around for 5 or 10 minutes to completely rejuvenate the blood flow, then start back in.

I’m with you Stevie31 15 minutes is what I do, and my ligs are burning so much I glad I use 15 minutes. 30-45 minutes not worth the risk and also not going heavy enough.

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.

OK, I’ll try to better explain myself…

I do shorter (20/15 or even 10 minutes) sessions with the top weight I’m currently capable of handling. Then when I’m really burned (my ligs), I do these experimental longer sessions with less weight. As low as It has to be so I can hang for 30 minutes.

Thats my experiment. I’m doing 2 hours a day of pure hanging so this is an experiment to see if less weight but for long periods of time are beneficial, after shorter High Weight sessions.

Do I even have a point here? I don’t know.

Xiedeh from plateau land.

Xiedeh, how light is the weight you use during your longer sessions? As long as your glans is not too affected, and you’re not applying too much pressure on your dorsal nerve, then I think you’re ok with these longer sets. If the weight is light enough, you might even want to consider using golf weights instead of a hanger and regular weights.

For longer sessions I’m hanging around 2.5 Kilograms/5.5 pounds (sometimes I even hang 3.75 Kilograms/8 pounds).

I really think that it’s Ok both with the dorsal nerve and the glans. Whenever I feel it’s too much for the penis I just stop no matter how much time has passed.

I already said this but I’m checking all the time for any sign of lack of oxigen that leads to numbness and tissue’s death (correct expression?).

I’m at a little over 450 hours of hanging. I started with 15 min and 6 llbs and worked my way up to longer periods, but hold the wt at 8 lbs, although I’ve been using Monty530’s golf wts in addition at times. For the past 300 hrs or so, I have been hanging in 60 min. sessions. When I unwrap there is no blue coloration or coldness. I am using the Grip system.

It could be that Andrew is right about needing heavier wts to see real progress. I note that Bib’s fantastic results have been achieved with heavy wts.


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