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Hanging for 30 40 and 50 minutes


Originally Posted by Bike2swim
It could be that Andrew is right about needing heavier wts to see real progress. I note that Bib’s fantastic results have been achieved with heavy wts.

It’s a common misconception that Bigger achieved fantastic results with heavy weights. In actuality, he made the majority of his gains using moderate weight, and only tried heavy weights for a brief period of time at the end of his hanging career.

Check out the Most Effective Hanging Weight; Clarifying Bib’s History thread to read a discussion on the topic of Bigger’s gains and the most effective weight to hang.

I don’t think there’s anything magical about 20 minutes — I’m sure some guys’ cocks can take more — but I have no desire to discover the outer limits of my one-and-only penis’s survival capacities!!


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