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So ho much “golf-weights” should we hang through out the day for it to be effective Monty530? Enough to cause fatigue? Or do we cause the fatigue with the BibHanger and then keep them with the weights?


The later is the basic approach. I have experienced fatigue but that depends on the aggressiveness of the previous workout. I haven’t found that it was necessary to be overly sore. All were doing is keeping the tension on the ligs all the time. A little weight goes a long way with this approach. The Bib creates the added stretch, the rings just help keep it. I still use 2 pounds (3rings)daily and if I feel macho I’ll put on a fourth ring until the skin gets irritated then back off. Again it doesn’t take much to accomplish the lig tension we need. If you don’t think so put on 1 pound and then check the tension of the lig between the top ring and the pelvic bone. It’ll feel like a banjo string.

09-2003 BPEL:6.0x5.5

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