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Hanging Blue head and Puffiness


Hanging Blue head and Puffiness

I just starting hanging two weeks ago. Within the last three days I’ve noticed that I had a big white puffiness around the tip of my gland. Also, on the sides and top of my shaft. What is causing this? My head is really turning blue and I can feel it getting cold. Any comments?

My only comment would be , ” your scaring me…”

Obviously this isn’t good news.

I dont know about the white spots but the blue and cold is no circulation in your dick head.

stop hanging and read more before trying again.

How long is each hanging session and how much weight do you hang? I am pretty sure that’s part of the problem.

How long do those symptoms take to disappear? This is a very important question too.

Let’s wait for other experts (I’m not one of them) to give you their inputs on this but meanwhile I have two suggestions:

1) Shorter sessions
2) Lighter weights

This will allow a better circulation into and out of your dick.

How about giving it a rest for a week?


I’d stop. Stick to stretching.

Blue head could be from loss of circulation, the puffyness usually comes from a slipping hanger.

It would help if you tell us what type of hanger you are using. Right now I can’t advice much more then to make sure your wrap is loose and your hanger tight.

White puffiness? You mean a blister? Are you using a vac-hanger?

Is your head getting blue and cold while your hanging or even when your not hanging? The puffiness could be just fluid buildup a doughnut.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I’m using the Bib Hanger. I tried some diff. Things as I went back to Bib’s site and followed step by step the wrap and attaching the hanger. My symtoms have diminished, with proper attachment of the hanger. My mistake was attaching too close to the head. As I seat it toward the base it seem to be working out just fine now.

Thanks for taking the time to respond guys.

I’m glad to hear you are on the right track now but keep an eye on two things mainly: head blue and cold.


make sure you also squeeze the blood out of the glans before you tighten the hanger…. (were you doing this already?) —aside from attaching too close.

I’m trying my best Blink.

Guys I am thinking to give up hanging and I will explain you why! I wonder if someone is able to gimme an aswer.

1) I am uncut so I wrap my penis following the instruction that I found on this site. I wrap the glans first with a piece of tshirt and then I cover with my foreskin. I am hanging with capt wench. I think that uncut guys can’t hang and I will explain you why or maybe it’s just in my case.

2) If I hang BTC my penis gets cold. Doesnt matter how much is the weight because after 10 min gets dark and cold. After a session of 3 sets for 20 minutes I end up with blood spots on my glans and they desappear after 2 days of rest. I think my glans is not able to keep this tension. At the moment I am hanging 6 Kg and I started with 1.5.

3) If I hang over the shoulders it doesnt get cold but I get always spot of blood on the glan and on the shaft as well. When I used to do BTC I got good fatigue but after 4 months I didnt gain anything and no good PI’s at all.

At this stage I am looking for an advice after I gained one inch after 1 year doing the newbie I tried extender and hanging but no one of them is working with me! What shall I do now?? Shall I go back to a newbie much more advanced like 40 minutes of jelkinq and lots of stretching! I need a new plan! I think I gained just from ligs shall I concentrate just on tunica! What do you suggest me ! I hope my english in enough clear

very cawk reacts different. I am uncut, and when I started hanging, I used a coaxial cable wrapped behind the glans, always made sure my glans was full of blood, and used to hang always semi erect or erect. When the glans was getting cold, I would squeeze it forcing the cold blood back into the body and then pushing new blood in with my muscles. Never had a problem. In fact, I thinking about going back to my primitive cave technique. Coaxial cable and dumbbells.

Present: 8.75" BPEL, 9.25" BPSFL, 5.3" EG

Goal: 1' BPEL, 6.5" EG

I think hanging is not working for everyone? Do you think I can still gain with the newbie? It’s 1 year and 5 months that I am not gaining and I took 3 months of decondition break! What shall I do? Get back to the newbie?

Don’t rush into anything, if you see things like this.stop immediately and take a week off.then if you’re all good and don’t need to get it cut off you could continue..

Do it safely, if it takes you longer to get what you want, then it takes you’s better to gain small for a long time than to try to gain big and shrink, or even worse, have it amputated..

I recomend using lighter weights that still get you to fatigue, you don’t want to use heavy one then have your penis get used to being able to stand that, then ahve to hang even heavier weights,,,and never hang for longer than 15-20 mins.

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