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Hanging and Foreskin Restoration

Hanging and Foreskin Restoration

Along with the hanging I’m currently undergoing for length I also have been researching the process of foreksin restoration…This is something i want to pursue together with my hanging efforts.

So my question is (mainly to those who hang) do you think for positive results for both, one should hang 1st, then undergo the restoration process after the length gains, simultaneously, or restore first to have more skin to work with then pursue the length? (if that makes sense)

Obviuosly, my goal is to have a longer unit (in the flaccid state as well as erect) as well as more foreskin to be able to cover it. Just wondered if any one else gave this thought.


p.s. I now remember somewhere back BIB actually said he gained foreskin thru hanging….if anyone remembers how he did this or could point me to the thread it would be appreciated


I would concentrate on hanging for length first - if you go for foreskin first chances are you may lose it when you gain length. Hanging often gives more skin so you may find it gives you a head start when you commence a foreskin restoration routine. Good luck and keep us posted!

lil1 :sun:

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I’m currently doing both simultaniously and it seems to be working just fine. I’m using weight for the restoration and it’s also helping cement my lengthh gains as it provides a passive stretch for most of the dayafter my hanging session. how are going about restoring? You might want to read the thread under “Question for Tom Hubbard” in the main section, we’ve been posting a lot in that one lately.


Thanks gys for taking the time to answer.


The method I’m plannging on using the johnny tape (J tape) strap method. It seems to suit my needs as it is an all day type attachment and it is fairly inconspicuous. How’s the weighted method working out for you?

I too thought it would make sense to undergo both at the same time but wasn’t sure. I will do both simultaneously and keep you guys posted.


Hey OSL8!

I just found that other thread on the tug ahoy…..great stuff!
After reading that and reading around some more, there is no way i will be a taper…I’m gonna follow your path and go with the Tug ahoy.

So now my question is was it fairly easy to make the home made version?

I like the idea and your reasoning behind using weight instead of elastic…it makes perfect sense, but do you plan on keeping at that weight or going up to create more tension?

Do you have pictures and a plan to build a home made one? As this would greatly help me out in building mine.

Thanks in advance!


I guess this thread should be in the other section but hopefully you’ll find it anyway.

Foreskin device

hey there BBS,

I went to the Baby section of the local pharmacy and bought 2 ear syringes and used an exacto knife to cut them to the dimensions i needed using the nozzle end for both pieces and then just ran a looped wire out the end to clip the weight on to. if you give me your e-mail addy i can send you more detailed info and some pics when I get my new cam.




I won’t add more weight as I want to generate more new skin cells rather than just stretch out what’s already there. Also, I do have some space for the skin to come out of the end a little and the current pressure is enought to cause some fluid build-up


Hey OSL8,

I sent you a message (with my email addy) using the control panel…so if it doesn’t work let me know on here.

Also, I wanted to ask you have you had any problem with the device coming off? Can you wear it in public, you know…is it inconspicuous? And what are your results so far, is it working 4 u?

and does it provide the necessary tension?

thanks man,


I am cut, and want to restore my foreskin. Has anyone had good results, and how did you achieve

Originally Posted by EDpumper
I am cut, and want to restore my foreskin. Has anyone had good results, and how did you achieve

You do realize this thread has been dead for over 15 years?

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

Obviously not T, so nobody cares anymore, and must have moved on, or fallen off their perch. Lol.

I’m interested in restoration, too. Since I’ve been doing PE for a few weeks, there’s some bunching/wrinkling of the shaft skin just behind my glans, so it looks a little like I’m uncut and have the foreskin retracted. I’m hoping for enough success at stretching to eventually be able to work on restoring some semblance of foreskin. If this thread is dead, is there another place to discuss/read other people’s experiences?

Hey Doggerel, I think it’s time to rekindle the forum. I am working on restoring mine as best I can, and any ideas will be gratefully accepted.

Cool, EDpumper. I’m probably not far enough along in PE yet to start, but I know I want to get there eventually, so it’s a fascinating topic for me. Maybe some other people are interested, too.

It’s now 3 months since I started a stretching programme to restore my foreskin, and when flaccid it is starting to cover a little of the gland. So although slow, I think it will happen in time. Patience is a virtue as they say!

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