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Hanging: fatigue and foreskin questions


Hanging: fatigue and foreskin questions

Hi everyone

I tried using the homemade sock hanger and could never get it very comfortable so I made myself a homemade BIB, again I found it very uncomfortable, constantly had to re-wrap, took a long time to get it on right etc. Then last night I decided to try it with my foreskin not pulled back, I used to pull it all the way back before applying my wrap, I got the BIB on in record time, with more comfort than I’ve ever Hung with! My head didn’t get hard and purple and I barely felt like I was hanging anything! I tried again today and it feels so much better than when I used to pull the foreskin back!

Does anyone else hang with the foreskin over the glans? I feel like I could progress more with weights if it was this comfortable every time but am I shooting myself in the foot with regard to gains? Cos if I’m not gonna gain there’s no point at all! Basically am I harming myself in any way by not pulling the foreskin back?

Also, I read a lot about fatigue but I’m not too sure what I’m actually looking for. Can anyone explain what the feelings should be like? I sometimes get a sharp, burning sensation, although it isn’t painful just above the base of my cock, which I.imagine is where the ligs are being pulled. I hang SD and sometimes BTC if I can find enough time or privacy!
Thanks for any answers guys.

I dont have foreskin but even I hang with a bit of skin over the coronal ridge. The only way it can negatively affect your gains is that the skin in general is taking too much of the stress, but you need to stretch the skin at first anyway before really hitting the ligs.

Lig fatigue feels like soreness at the base and pubic bone area, much like muscle soreness. Don’t get it mixed up with skin stretch though, this feels more painful and sharper.

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Hi Pillars, thanks for writing. I was thinking that by pulling back the foreskin I’d be placing more stress on the internal structure rather than stretching out the skin which is why I always did it that way. Whenever I do manual stretching I always grip just behind the head with the foreskin pulled all the way back. I could easily get used to doing my hanging with the foreskin over my glans because it is so comfortable, like I said I barely felt like I.was hanging anything! I’ve only been hanging 1kg cos I’ve just started but it’s taken me a while to progress purely because of the discomfort in the past. With the foreskin down I think I can move up in weights much quicker as I barely felt the 1kg today! I’ll try 2kg tomorrow to see if it still feels so comfy!

As for the fatigue, I’m feeling it in the place you mentioned, just above the base in the pubic bone region, but I’d describe it as a sharper pain but it felt more internal than an external skin stretch. Would you say fatigue was more of an “ache” than a stinging pain?

Thanks again for your response.

Originally Posted by StretchNob
Would you say fatigue was more of an “ache” than a stinging pain?

Yes, a good ache. Stinging pain would indicate skin stretching. I say keep hanging with foreskin over a glans, Ive seen quite a few guys do the same.

To be honest I think you’re feeling skin stretch, at 1 kg its pretty much impossible to feel any sort of lig fatigue.

Okay, well I wouldn’t describe the feeling I get as an ache so you’re probably right, it’s just a skin stretch. I’ll step up the weight to 2kg tomorrow and see how it goes from there, I don’t want to rush the weights though cos I don’t want to damage my member! If I can still see gains with the foreskin down I’ll keep doing what I’m doing!

I managed to get in 3 sets of 20 minutes at 2kg today, that’s the most I’ve ever hung! It was comfortable at first but as time went on throughout the sets the pain around where the hanger was attached got more intense, but not unbearable. I’d still say I was only feeling a skin stretch at the base, didn’t really feel internal at all and wondered if I’d really done anything progressive or positive at all after I’d finished. Definitely wouldn’t say I felt any aching sensations which would indicate fatigue so I guess I’m not there yet!

The skin was getting pretty chewed up where the hanger and band clamp were attached, left some red marks which went away with the 10 minute hot water soaks I.was having between sets, but the area still feels tender. Hopefully it’s just the skin reacting to new pressure and it’ll be less severe as my dick gets more conditioned to take that kind of punishment! I’m just hoping it doesn’t bruise, that would be difficult to explain away!

Attachment point discomfort is normal, pain is not. Wrapping with soft material like sweatshirt material beneath theraband should help, in addition, the wrap should protect the skin against getting ‘chewed up’ or pinched.

Please understand if you want to stretch the ligs with this type of hanging you will have to stretch the skin at first, you should not be expecting results immediately.

Hi Pillars

Seeing as you took the time to be so helpful for me I thought I’d give you a little update and thank you for your advice.
I’ll admit that through everything I’d read about hanging, I didn’t know that skin stretching was a necessary first step, since you mentioned it I’ve researched it more and read through many threads all explaining that skin stretch will come before any lig work can be done!

This week has been great, I’ve managed to hang for an hour almost every day! I’ve never been able to do that before, but I got a little creative with my schedule and found a spot in which to get an afternoon session in and then a late evening. So 2kg for 2x30 minute sessions a day. I’ve found a good wrap, a small thin ankle sock! I’ve found that the material is very soft and if I keep the material taught as I wrap it around the penis it doesn’t bunch up at all when I attach the hanger so no more pinching of the skin and the hanger is no longer painful. I would now describe it as slightly uncomfortable, but not painful!

I’m still hanging with the foreskin down, and will probably stay this way for some time. I’m still feeling the stretch mainly in the skin at the base of my dick, nothing internal yet so I have a way to go still before I’ll be hitting the ligaments.

Thanks again for your help and I’ll try to keep this updated as I progress!

Skin stretching is only necessary for a cut person who just doesn’t have enough excess skin to accomodate a larger penis or the exercises to get one. Most cut persons probably just don’t mind gaining some extra foreskin so they don’t have a reason to go out of their way to prevent skin stretching. Not having to care about skin stretching makes hanging a lot easier.

If you’re uncut (like me) and you gain more skin than penis size you will gradually notice an increase in foreskin. If you ignore skin stretching it will start looking goofy.

Just attach the hanger a little lower if it’s too sensitive. It probably helps to build a proper hanger.

Hi Piet
Thanks for your post, sorry it took me so long to see it!
So you’re saying that for uncut guys it’s not quite as necessary to stretch their skin to accommodate extra length? I don’t want more foreskin as mine is already quite long!

I’ve been hanging with the foreskin unretracted for the last month or so and I still only feel the skin stretching sensation, nothing internal. So should I try again hanging with the foreskin pulled back to hit the ligs more?

I’ve built a better homemade BIB hanger now so I’ll give it a go if you or any other uncut hangers here think it’ll help. When you say attach the hanger a little lower do you mean closer to the base or glans?

Thanks again for your posts guys!

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You want to attach the hanger pretty close to your glans. When I fully retract my foreskin, about the first inch of skin is too sensitive to put pressure on. So I attach the hanger just below the first inch which leaves plenty of slack for me to hang SO without skin stretching and SD with minimal skin stretching.

You will need less weight when you’re able to reduce the skin stretching. If the hanger starts slipping you will need to tighten the hanger more.

Thanks Piet, I tried last night to hang with my foreskin pulled all the way back but I found the homeBIB would slide forward even when it was frighteningly tight! I know I just need more time to practice wrapping and getting the hanger on right, but I’m wondering if there’s another type of hanger that may be more suitable for uncut guys?

Less wrap makes it easier to get grip. I only use a rubber sleeve cut from a bicycle/MTB innertire, the HTW should work great as well. I use 2.5-3 cm wide AFB hangers made of trespa. Because the trespa is rigid and the inside is smooth I can tighten the hanger a LOT without much discomfort.

Hi, I’m having a similar problem. I am an uncut guy, and have about 2cm of excess foreskin at the end of my penis when it’s flaccid. I tried hanging for the first time today, and I’m having problems applying wrapping. When I pull all my foreskin back and apply the wrap, as soon as I let go or add weight to the hanger, it all slides off the end of my penis as the foreskin pushes forward. I then tried hanging with my foreskin over the glans. This works better, but my hanger is ominously close to my glans. Also, I really don’t want to stretch the skin even more, as it is already long. Does anyone have any ideas on what else I could try, or anything that has worked for them as an uncut hanger? Thanks

Yelnats, a vac hanger could work ok, for us, uncut guys using weights towards 10 lbs. More than that and it becomes problematic.

Starting stats: 6.4" / 5.6" Current Stats: 7.4" / 5.8" Short term goal: 7" / 6" Long term goal: 8" / 6.5"

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