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Hanging after 1 month no fatigue

Hanging after 1 month no fatigue

Hi all, I’m sort of a newbie here. I did manual stretches and jelqing for awhile (6 months) with no gains

And you want to start hanging now? Just trying to understand the title of this thread.

EDIT: Sorry, I did spell check halfway through and it automatically uploaded my message. Here’s what I wanted to say (and couldn’t edit it in because it took me more than 10 minutes to edit):

Hi all, I’m sort of a newbie here. I did manual stretches and jelqing for awhile (6 months) with no gains, so I moved on to hanging as I felt that my dick could handle it and I knew the feeling of a “stretch” in the ligs that I should be going for. I use a muzzle hanger, and I haven’t felt any fatigue the whole month I’ve been using it. I started off with 1.25 kgs (2.5 ish pounds) and worked my way up to 6 pounds over the course of this month. I still don’t feel any fatigue. I do probably warm up, and have an electric portable space heater that I leave on and pointed at my crotch while I’m hanging. I also wrap with a cut part of an old shirt and silver theraband.

I only do 10 minute sets because the hanger tends to slide down a little bit and hang behind the corona of the glans, and the glans and any skin that is pulled down in that area slowly turns blue/black (I looked at other threads and saw that this is not unusual, just to be careful and do shorter sets).

Do you think that it’s my cable clamp ( that is a weird shape? I tighten it as far as it goes, but it still sort of slips down to my coronal ridge. Would this pressure on the coronal ridge stop the hanger from targeting my ligs, and therefore I’m not doing anything of value to PE (aside from MAYBE making my glans bigger?).

Thanks in advance for your help, I’m confused and I want to get this right (and feel the fatigue on my ligs for once!)

Hi fakoo how you getting on with the hanging as it got any better since starting this thread? How many sets of 10 minutes do you do? If its just one 10 minute set you are not going to feel much fatigue with the weight you are using. I would not use the ripped bit of shirt thats why it mite slip. Try the theraband with some bandage wrap over top an taped up good mite not slip.

Not much has changed. The hanger still slides down to rest on the coronal ridge. I tried using only the theraband, but had the same problem. I can handle the weight hanging there now, but I’m not sure if it’s actually doing anything cause I don’t feel any fatigue (and I’ll need to do something for when I’m hanging heavier weights).

I also try to do at least 3 sets of 10 minutes. Though when I have more privacy time, I can fit in around 5 or 6 sets.

I’ll try to get that bandage wrap.

Try an AFB hanger.

Yes try the AFB hanger as marinera said that’s what I use. The hanger is easy to make there is thread on here to show you what you need to make it and how.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try and let you know how it goes.

I did not feel any fatique till I hit 22 pounds to 24 pounds…6 pounds is a fricken joke…start adding 2 to 5 pounds a week….further more don’t screw around with hanger contraptions that you assemble from home depot parts…get a bib and don’t fuck around with mickey mouse contraptions..i could never figure out these confusing instructions to make an afb and never seen a picture of a fully assembled one…bib is the gold standard

No matter what hanger you use you need it to stop from slipping. The head of your penis is not supposed to be a stopper for the hanger. When you have the technique correct then start moving up in weight or time, slowly to find fatigue.

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Bib hanger is great as was my homemade bib. I think part of the reason you don’t have fatigue is your hanging time is only half an hour.

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I agree 100% with Mr. James. Didn’t hit fatigue until I got over 20lbs. Also, the Bib is definitely the way to go. Good luck hanging 20lbs or more with a homemade hanger.

My experience has been a bit different, but I’ve only been hanging a couple of weeks. I started at 2.5 pounds with my capn’s wench, and felt no fatigue, but stayed at that weight for a week to get used to the hanging experienc. I then added 1 pound, and felt a little. I’m now at 5 pounds this week. I have been doing 2-3 sets of 20 mins every morning, and 3-4 sets of 20 mins every night. Last night, at 5 pounds BTC I finally felt some fatigue.. So much that I had to decrease the weight for the last set. I’m hoping this is good, in that perhaps I won’t have to use as much weight to gain? Time will tell.

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hi men.

I want to ask about an enquiry I got.

When I had my ACL surgery, the surgeron got amazed with my ligament in the knee. I am quite tall. So I wonder big men have stronger/bigger ligs, do we have also a bigger/stronger lig in our penis and therefore is harder to reach fatigue and gain? I havent felt any kind of soreness when stretching.

Those who struggle till reaching 20 pounds, are you big men?

Originally Posted by Chuck123
I agree 100% with Mr. James. Didn’t hit fatigue until I got over 20lbs. Also, the Bib is definitely the way to go. Good luck hanging 20lbs or more with a homemade hanger.

I forgot to add if you can reach fatigue at a lower weight then great for you. I’m not so lucky. I have to hang >20lbs to see gains.

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