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Hanging affects erection angle

Hanging affects erection angle

I’ve been doing intense hanging SD and I noticed that my erection angle has reduced from 10:30 to 9:30 position. Now I know this is because of intense hanging but I’m not sure if it’s a temporary thing. I hoping to regain 10:30 position after I’m done with my length exercises. Any thoughts from the vets??


Oops sorry I posted this in the wrong section

How much have you gained?

Nick . I’ve gained over 1.5 inches during my PE endeavour. I’m not sure how much I gained from a specific exercise. My routine includes 15 mins of stretches and 30 mins of jelqs along with pre and post heat wraps. I’ve been hanging for the past 3 months.


I’m not a newbie. Just new to this forum

Your erection angle is based on several factors namely tunica/cc shape, erection quality, gravity and ligaments. If you gained from stretching your ligs you will most likely get a lower angle but at a certain angle stretching the ligaments even more won’t have any influence any longer because they will be too loose to play a factor.

While being on a hanging routine you can experience less than optimal erection quality because of the stress your dick is going through. So once you take a break you might get a higher erection angle again. But probably not as high as it used to be.

Thanks Piet! Great help.


1.5 EL gains, wow man. Good stuff. What are your stats?

Ozzy!. 7.5 EL. I don’t really measure girth.


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