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Hangers forum dead?


Hangers forum dead?

Hey, anyone out there? This forum has been described as not having any action. Any questions or discussions? Don’t be shy.

I know there are a lot of hangers out there. Are you totally content, or what?


I don’t have the privacy to hang right now, wish I did. And if I was hanging I would be posting. What excuse do the rest of you have?

Running a Massive Co-Front.


ive been wondering the same thing.

Maybe i’ll start replying to my own posts, to try and get things moving.



Great idea, i’ll do the same.



You made me spew.


Have I missed any of your questions?


What channel are you viewing right now?


So, I actually have to think now and try to answer that stuff? Geez, let’s allow the forum to rest some. Isn’t this enough for one day?

Also, your serious questions should be in another thread. Totally off topic for this thread. Maybe a moderator can split it off. I am going to take a nap now.



On the Face of it, it looks Alarmingly like it has something to do with Clocks. But thats a little off Hand. Anyway, its not the right Hour to be discussing this, in fact doing so would be Analogous to writing a pointless off topic reply to this thread. Another Time maybe.


Now I remember why the hanger forum was dying down. My email account gets full of post notifications.


I’m hanging again. Now that I’m home a lot, I’ve been trying to get in at least 2 hours/day, and after 2 weeks of it, I’m seeing and feeling results. Pretty soon I’ll have hooks, pulleys, and eyebolts all over the house.


"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams

Oooohhhhh, eyebolts. Hush your mouth.


bib, did ya get my pm?


Ive been in the long day situation and its really hard to get motivated but you get a nice feeling when you do your routine when 90% of people would just go to bed.

Im glad you laughed, I thought that was quite funny even if I do say so myself.


I don’t know what to say other than I’m happy with my bib-hanger and gained 1/4 inch in six months which puts me a third-of-the-way to the final goal.

Goals seem to change around here, don’t they.


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