Hanger Just Stretches the Skin

After 4 months of manuals, 5 of laziness (let’s call it decon) and 0,5inch gains, i decided to take the big step and get into hanging. I made a variation of the AFB Hanger (pic) and it’s surprisingly comfortable so super props to the community for the design and instructions.

The problem is i’m uncircumcised hence the usual issues occur. Let’s say lvl1 is the ‘inside’ of the penis, lvl2 is the penis skin and lvl3 is the surface of the hanger. The goal is to somehow ‘grip’ lvl3 to lvl1 so that lvl1 is stretched, right? Even though i successfully used blue tack to do the theraband’s job and ‘glue’ together lvl2 and lvl3, lvl1 and lvl2 will ALWAYS be slipping no matter how hard is the grip. Even when i roll the skin upwards, lvl2 and lvl3 together just slide down and therefore the hanger just stops to that point where the skin is extremely stretched.

I thought that maybe i could use it as a stretcher device instead of a hanger. With really low weights, what happens is that the skin is as always super stretched, but the penis stays in a pretty elongated position, like 80% of BPFL, without pain or discomfort. So maybe if i ‘hanged’ like this for 5-6 hours per day, i’d get the ADS benefits. Is that all uncircumcised guys can realistically do? And more importantly does this make sense or it would just be wasted time because in order to get length 80% elongation is not enough?

I must note that when i manually stretch, i v-grip and use the head of the penis for resistance. I’ve read though that it’s dangerous to do this with a hanger; in fact it’s recommended to grip about 0,5-1 inch above the neck.

Thanks in advance to anyone who cared to help out!

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