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First time hanging -- questions

First time hanging -- questions

Today I did my first set of 20 min. hanging with 5 pounds, I used a homemade wench (it’s built correctly and has all the parts). I rapped with an ace bandage and attached the hanger an inch lower than my glans. While I was hanging my glans felt hard (expanded) rather than soft and limp. Is that how it is supposed to be while hanging? When I was done and I removed the hanger my glans was slightly darker (not purple or maroon but more of a red) and it was also cold (but not freezing). I used a rice sock for heat before and after hanging. Am I in any danger if every single time I hang it goes like this one did?

No numbness at all? All OK then, and sounds perfectly normal.

It sounds like you’re doing everything right. My glans always becomes enlarged and hard when I hang. You’ll want to watch this as you progress in weight. You might consider squeezing some of the blood out of the glans as you tighten the hanger. I think some blood is necessary to help form a “shoulder” for the hanger to rest against.

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Your not in danger as long as you know the right techniques for quick recovery from your hanging (jelqing, rest, kegels, possibly skin stretching by using some medical tape, light weight hanging, etc) and don’t way overdo things without much rest rage. I would suggest after a long time of expierence hanging that you should try to figure out a way to hang at a certain angle (OTS, SO, SD, BTC, OTL, or the others) and you need to guage and figure out the feelings that you feel. Remember each and everytime the feelings you feel and try to figure out if you are feeling to much pressure in the head. If you feel too much pressure in the head you are going to need to use a different hanger, amount of wrap, different tightening setting for the hanger, different weight or any combination of all those. I have my own method with my own hanger I’ve figured out over time and I think I have just about dialed everything in (all the variables) so keep at it and don’t give up, stick with this and try to stay positive about it when possible. :)

How can I tell when I get numbness? Will I actually feel numbness in the tip of my head during the hanging session?

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