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Finaly bought a Bib

Finaly bought a Bib

Hi guys, first post here. I finally sent off for a Bib!!! If you don’t already have one you will be kicking your self in May when Bib stops selling them. Why did I wait so long? Well this is going to sound truly pathetic…I had to save up $128.50. Nasty car crash combined with a nasty divorce has left me homeless, car less, and without my business. Combine that with my new “job” of returning adult college student, and you get the picture. Iv got a borrowed car and my recreational money goes into the gas tank. Ah well, at least Iv got a happy pecker.

Started with manual exercises and quickly realized the limitations of those. Been using a swim cap for about 4 months now. Enough to know it works, but with my weird dick Iv reached the limit of what I can do with that. I can keep it hard for 5 hours before I need to stop for food… and then start back up again. (Oh poor iamaru, we all feel so sorry for you). Well, it appears that in addition to pounding nails with my pecker, I could use my ligs. to build a suspension bridge. Yes, if you look up hard gainer you will find my picture! Currently hanging 12lbs btc for a minimum of 10 hours/week. I need to hang heavier, but 12lbs is already a bit to much for the swim cap.

Iv been lurking for a while now, but what am I going to say? The best advise you guys could give me is buy a bib. Well, once I get my hanger & figure it out I will start posting. Thanks to all of you for all the priceless info and support. Iv only gained .75” so far but it is pretty damn amazing how different I feel. ( feel kinda cocky…he he) Nothing gets me down, at least 20 times a day the thought will pop into my head, “I’m getting a bigger dick!”.

39 year old white boy, 75” 210lbs, currently 7.25”X6.25”

Running a Massive Co-Front.

good luck buddy, sorry to hear about the shit you went through, wish no-one had to go through stuff like that, sadly it seems everyone does at one time or another walk through a long road of shit…

hope the device works for you, still waiting on my first gains from PE.

It's Christmas!!!!!!

Just got home, Saturday, 6:30pm. And what was waiting for me but a brand new Bib hanger. Pretty damn impressive piece of equipment. Bigger and clunkyer than I expected, but that is fine with me. Talk about made to last, I wish everything made in the USA had the obvious pride of craftmanship that this thing does. Only took one week to get to me. The label was even hand written, you don’t see that much these days. CAn hardly wait to break it in. Iv got an overly tough dick, and almost 5 months swimcap experience, so don’t expect to much trouble getting wrapped and adjusted. Thanks Bib

Running a Massive Co-Front.



Hand written label. heh.


$120.00 + shiping is a lot of money. I would love to buy one, but I really can’t see spending $120.00 on something like this.


Yeah thats what i thought....

But i should hopefully have one winging its way to me in the post as i type.


How much would you pay for an extra 1/2 inch on your unit.
Or an extra 1 - 2 inches? 1000 bucks? 2000?

How about 120?

Plus the home made hanger i have is just getting too bloody uncomfortable and i hear the BIB hanger is a lot better. So bugger it.

I’ll bet you’ve wasted that much cash if not more on ridiculous rubbish in your time - i know i have (rollerblades….what the hell was i thinking?)

Anyway - i’m not on comission from bib or anything so i don’t really care if you get one or not but for me it seemed like a good idea.

See Ya,


It's worth the price!

jrvall_2000, You really ought to reconsider buying the Bib before it’s too late. It’s well built and sturdy. I’ve had my bib for less than a week and I’ve already seen an increase in length.

I echo everything Bigj says. A year ago I spent $400 for a pump. Now that was a waste of money. I used it for 7 months and never saw any permanent growth. The bib is easy to use and easy to hide. It’s not big and cumbersome like the pump. I highly recommend the bib hanger. And remember you have only a few days left to order one.


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