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Finally gained 1" by hanging


Great gains. Very inspiring.

Way to go,

I don’t seem to be able to go over 20lbs without getting injured. I start to get into pain at 15—-can’t imagine getting into upper 20’s. I’m better at keeping the Bib on but can’t seem to find the right routine. I know that my flacid is better. Great work.

Start 030104 EBPL: 6.25" EG : 5.6" Mid LOT : 7:30 GOAL: 0.25 in any direction...."I'm not picky"- length would be nice "GIVE ME A %&#'N INCH OR GIVE ME DEATH"

I guess one could say I’m being nice to my dick while declaring war on the ligs.

Would it be safe to say that you attribute most of your gains to lig stretch, as opposed to tunica?

I have been reading a lot of threads lately and some have been claiming gains cannot be reached through lig stretch. I have only really stretched ligs, and I have gained about a 1/2 or so I think. This would reject the ‘no gains from lig stretch’ idea

I think there is a lot of “crossover” in gains—girth gains sometimes are accompanied by length gains, and exercises that target the ligs are also stretching at least part of the tunica. Also, the inner connections that anchor the penis inside the body may be giving way, providing the pulled out inner penis gains. The tunica will stretch, of course, but I think a lot is limited by how much the ligs will allow to come out, and that involves stretching them and thereby removing a limiting factor. We are all engaged in moving beyond successive limiting factors IMO. When one has gained all he is going to by lig stretch, then all that is left is the tunica, which is a harder road.

Would you explain your use of DSMO. I’m aware of what it is yet have not used it in PE. It is relatively safe from what I know of it. Many arthritis suffers use it daily on knuckles and joints. How do you apply it? Is the pain from the hanger or ligs or both? What size bottle do you purchase and is it available at a drugstore? I have no exprerience with DMSO or it’s - duration of pain relief. Does it desensitize the unit?

So many questions. Please - choose one or two


Very impressive results! I too am a hard gainer in the length department, so this is very encouraging.

I’ve given up hanging for now, as I don’t have the privacy to hang much of the day. But I might be able to manage 3-4 20 minute sets, as you’ve been doing.

I have one question, however. With that kind of workout, what kind of shape is your dick in generally? Are your erections as strong and as regular, etc.?

I originally experimented with DMSO because it was supposed to break down collagen and improve the collagen/elastin ratio. I can’t say if that has been the case, but it HAS proven in valuable in relieving the discomfort of stretching—and dare I suggest breaking of ligament fibers. The relief is instant! And it penetrates the skin and gets to the ligs fast. Be careful of one thing—it will take ANYTHING along with it, through the skin and straight into the bloodstream. Cleanliness is paramount, and I finish off by rinsing with clear water before showering, etc.

I got pure medical grade DMSO through my pharmacist, without a prescription, in a quart bottle.


I have no downside in terms of erection quality or readiness. I declare war on my ligs only—after all, in penile surgury, the doctors cut them completely! But I try not to actually overwork my shaft. If I do, then jelking or pumping followed by ADS gets me back on track. But keep in mind that I have achieved a toughness over time—my routine is not for newbies.

I apply the DMSO with a q-tip only where it is needed on the suspensatory ligs—I don’t bathe large areas with it, and use just enough to relieve discomfort. I don’t personally put it on the shaft of the penis, as I don’t want to lose collagen there.

Some have said they have an unwanted side effect with DMSO—garlicy smell on the breath. I have not experienced this at all. Maybe it is the purity of the product or my limited use.


I am really happy for you man. It puts a smile on your face when you hit that 1” mark, doesn’t it?



Congrats on the one inch. How much has that equaled with a hard on? Or has it even affected boner length?

It has added one inch in hard-on length!

Originally Posted by swinglow

Some have said they have an unwanted side effect with DMSO—garlicy smell on the breath. I have not experienced this at all. Maybe it is the purity of the product or my limited use.

It’s probably the limited use. The effect would only be more pronounced with a purer product. Sulpher (the “s” in DMSO) causes the smell.

I recently read that DMSO is so good at drawing material through the skin that it can actually present a significant health risk if your skin (or whatever you use to apply the product) is not clean. Chemicals or toxins on your skin or on the applicator can get drawn through the skin right along with the DMSO.

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