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Ever heavier weights?

Ever heavier weights?

For those who have been with hanging for a long time, do you find that you keep needing more weight to see more gains, or that your needs for weight eventually stabilized at something reasonable?

I have been hanging for 9 months. I have steadily increased my weight to a max of 27.5 lbs. However, lately I have been doing Improved Blasters before hanging and my max has dropped to 22.5 lbs. due to ligament fatigue.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

If you only hung one angle you would need to keep increasing the weight forever to see gains, but if you were to hang different angles you could stress different fibers of the ligs seperatly, so doing this you could see gains with the same or less weight. The whole divide and conquer thing.


I’ve slowly worked my way up in weight as the directions state, with the fatigue factor letting me know when to stay put, decrease, or increase the weight. Generally I hung with a weight which took 2 days of hanging one hour per day to get fatigued. If it took 3 or more days, I moved up two pounds. I’m currently maxed out with my 14 pounds of weights (no fatigue in four or more days) and need to start looking for some scrap steel! Have gained about an inch in a year of which I’ve taken all summer off and weeks at a time other times.

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