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Easily Made Fulcrum

Easily Made Fulcrum

I have been using this method for the past two days and have enjoyed the comfort, as well as how easy it was to make this. I took two tennis balls put them side by side and used sports tape to tape them together. What I ended up with essentially was two tennis balls taped together ha, but leaving me a nice pocket in between the tennis balls where I can lay my penis and stretch. Try it out.

It is my understanding to utilize the fulcrum, you will need the point on the fulcrum that your shaft will lay to be above the exit point of the penis. Not sure what your fulcrum looks like but based on what I am envisioning, yours may not be succeeding. I would be glad to provide link describing how to build a RSDT fulcrum, it is a double fulcrum. It took me a few builds before I got something just right. Each time I thought I was on track, then reviewed how it is to work and expectations and went for a rebuild. The height of my fulcrum to where the V groove is for which I lay my penis is a bit over 6” high on my fulcrum. By having the fulcrum higher then your exit point and then have the hanger laying on the other side, you create an arch. The arch is the fulcrum point one. The hanger lays on the other side on the bottom corner and has the ability to rock forward creating the second fulcrum. Setup correctly, you should start pointing straight forward. As the tissues begin to stretch, the hanger will begin to point downward.

Don’t know if you will be adverse to hearing about how I understand and experience my fulcrum. But perhaps it will provide food for thought.


I use a vac hanger, don’t know if that makes much of a difference, basically the fulcrum I created makes a good V type of a shape with the penis and provides a good stretch. I do not know many specifics on how the penis should hang and where the fulcrum should lie. Please send the link or explain a little better about where the penis should lie and how it should hang. I have not done to much research on the topic. I attached a photo of what the end product looks like, the picture shows a lot of tape in the middle, less would be used in the middle to form more of a well shape that the penis can lie in.

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