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Does it matter

Does it matter

if the bib itself twists while hanging? I was using a shoe full of change as my weight, sticking the hook of the bib through one of the string holes. However, the bib would almost always twist a great deal to the right or left and it bothered me. I then switched to using a cord tied around plate weights but am having the same problem although not as severe. So again does it matter? And is there any easy solution whether it does or not?

Man. Free weights are about $4.00 each at Wal-Mart’s. A pad eyebolt and a nut from Home Depot and you’re set. I sometimes twist my Bib a little to accommodate some of the unorthodox positions I hang in. I also pull, twist and bend my dick when it’s inn the hanger. But I can safely advise none of this. Perhaps Bib will chime in, if not I’d say try to keep the Bib from twisting, as per the instructions.

Good Luck

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twisting while in BIB making it impossible to hang

You can get free weights anywhere. If you are smooth, someone has an old weight set they will just give away to you for all your needs.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I think most of those threads deal with the shaft or the head actually twisting inside of the hanger. I’m talking about the entire hanger twisting to the right or left. When I say Im using plate weights, I mean olympic type weights, aren’t those a type of free weights?

The second link Twat gave is one that deals specifically with your issue. It’s a technique I have been using to resolve this matter when I am faced with it - which is often.
This problem should probably be referred to as something other than “twisting” because it is so often confused with twisting within the hanger. “Drifting” or “listing” might be a better term.

I don’t think it matters at all what type of weights you use - achieving a perfectly symmetrical hang at lower angles is very hard to achieve without somehow stabilizing the hanger.
In that second link I go into how I am often able to get around stabelizing by freeing skin that has snagged within the hanger. This snag occures on one side of the shaft and becomes a temporary “limiting factor” of sorts and forces you to drift or list to one side.

It is safe to assume when listing occurs on different sides one set to the next that uneven skin placement is the culprit and not the larger issue of a genuine internal limiting factor, such as uneven ligament strength and/or length - which is a problem that would make your device consistently list to the same side.

The difficult thing in using the method I describe is mastering the subtlety of it - but I have found it to work perfectly to resolve this problem.


BigGirtha, you mind expanding on the pad eyebolt concept?

Captn, thanks for the response, I will try your method to gain stability although I’m a little skeptical that skin is my problem. The reason the boot was so unstable was that the leather around the string holes would start to bend and curve in different directions. And I think the reason for the instability of my plate weights is that fact that I’m tying two plates of different sizes together, making it more likely to lean to one side. I can hold the cord on my finger without the weights tilting, but attaching to the bib seems to be another story.

I did some searching on weights and from pure speculation it seems as if weights stacked on a loading pin would be much more easily stabilized than my current method. I wish there was a place to buy one but it looks as if making one will be my only option. I could probably make this work with any type of weights but it is much easier to stay motivated when you don’t have to deal with working out some sort of problem every time you hang.

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