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Does anyone else have to beat off before hanging?

Does anyone else have to beat off before hanging?

This is ridiculous I know. I’d like to think I’m at an age where I don’t need to wack my bag every time the wind blows.

My warm-up causes a problem. I get a halfie. I try to think about baseball to subside it but then I get rock hard because I love baseball. (just kidding)

So I fix the problem. Do I stand alone here? No harm done right?

Your not alone man sometimes i have to beat off before hanging, i dunno what it is i mean i am 19 and would like to think i could control my wood, maybe its got something to do with the excitement of possibly getting a bigger dick i dunno, lol.


Personally I cant whack it before haning, after I do I stay a little engorged for hours after. I wouldnt call it partially erect, just a bit more engorged than normal if ya know what I mean. If I hang in this state I get more preasure in the head. Wasnt so bad when I was doing 2.5lbs but now that I’m at 7.5 its much worse. Ironically, I attribute this partial engorgement I get after masterbation to a stronger pc muscle. Catch 22.

Everyone’s different though.

I don’t have to. But with what you are saying… I have dropped doing a warmup because it did cause me to engorge slightly. This became a problem with head pressure at the current weight level (17 pounds) I am at.

Nope. BUT I find if I allow myself to read or look at something sexy while hanging its a bad thing - the head pressure builds, blood pumping up there via arteries… and there it no way for the blood to escape as veins are blocked.

My recent and so far very successful solution is to just grab the hanger underneath and take the weight from the hanger in one hand, loosen the hanger ~just~ to the point where I can squeeze the blood from the head, then quickly tighten again. Weight never has to be removed, takes 20 seconds, and works a treat!!! I was having big problems and having to lower weights/cut sessions short because of head bruising/pressure till I started doing this.
But yeah, having a wank before would be a backup plan :D

Skippy to you, bud :p

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