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Did you start hanging because manual exercises stopped working for you?

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Did you start hanging because manual exercises stopped working for you?




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1-more controlled force = less injury risk
2-i can commit more time without substantially increasing injury risk (my opinion)

I guess I saw hanging as a safer way to reach fatigue with very controlled force.

I made good newbie gains—but I switched to hanging just a month later anyway.

A big reason was, based on all the research I did on the forums, hanging seemed like the most logical choice for me (lots of free private time, and I could dedicate more time to PE, hopefully with better results).

I’ve been very happy with the results i get, every time i go a few months with consistent hanging. So I keep hanging because for me, it works.

blink: Are the numbers in your PE statistics correct? If so, what happened?

I just started hanging two weeks ago and I’m still gaining via manual exercises. I started hanging because I like that I can know exactly how much tension I am using for an exact amount of time. Pulling with your hand is subjective, you have no idea how much tension your applying or if it’s consistent.

What I’m learning about hanging is that as some have already stated, hanging is strangely enjoyable.

My set up is a homemade wench hanger and I use part of an Auto Xleeve silicone sleeve as part of my wrap and it works great for me. I’ve had no injuries and I’m only doing 2 sets of 20 minutes per session with 2lbs so I can learn how it feels before applying more force or increasing the duration of my sessions.

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No longer a skeptic.

Originally Posted by slammin_dj
Manual never worked for me.

Originally Posted by Antistar
My absolute inability to gain with manual stretches…

Same for me.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I started hanging because manual stretching got boring and tedious. And like many have already said you can control the fatigue. So far a full inch. Just need another .5 and Im done with length and can move on to Girth.

Nice epic! What’s your hanging program? Weights/time/rest days etc? Thanks! You only hang now? No girth work?

I did NOT stop manual stretching when I started hanging. However, I relied on it a lot less. I used manuals to get a pre-stretch before hanging when I was a beginner hanger.

I no longer use manuals because IMO it is a waste of time compared to hanging. Why not hang?

I think hanging is vastly, yes vastly superior to manual stretching. Anyone who has hung should realize that. Your hands cannot exert the steady, targeted force that a hanger can. And it is a known and reproducible force.

I am happy to hear that some guys can gain using manuals, because I don’t think that I can gain from manuals after getting my newbie gains.

IMO manual stretches mainly stretch skin. I believe that skin is more of a limiting factor than most guys realize.


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