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Could this help with Micro-tears?

Could this help with Micro-tears?

I was just wondering and I think I have heard some similar ideas that you can apply an ice pack while PEing, or some other cold supplement. And I was wondering if anyone has ever tried this while hanging. I was thinking you could apply heat for the first 10min of your set and the for the next 5 min use no heat and for the last 5 min of you set apply a cold pack. I would think that this could possibly help with micro-tears because when you would apply the cold pack it would in a way help cement your current hang, or so my the theory would imply. Anyway this is just a thought and I have yet experiment with it but i think i might try a couple sets like this tonight and give further feedback once I’m done observing aftermath. A couple things that I’m worried about is that the cold would slow down circulation really bad and that is a negative effect but we’ll see what happens. And another thing I want to try is heating a set in reverse. What I mean by this is first start of hanging with no heat/or a cold pack and then after 10 min apply the heat, I’m just wondering what that would do. Please give me feedback because I’m anxious to hear what you have to comment on.

That’s a crazy idea, I have NEVER considered that…

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Thanks Thunder I think I finally figured it out. I have currently done 4 sets whlie applying ice at the end of the work out but Im still wondering if I do reheat my penis after the set with ice, if that would some how counter the effects with the ice. Just something to think about. One positive thing that I noticed is that i have gotten a bigger flacid hang and its only been one day, so we’ll see if that persists. A negative effect is that my balls shrink and sort of get in the way if I do more than one set with ice after another. My balls shrink and make the hanger turn slightly, so Im thinking that I should do 3, 3 set sessions. thats a total of 180min a day. The first set in the session will be half heat and half without. The second will be with half as much heat as the first, and the last would be with no heat for half the time and the finish off with ice for the remaining time. Ill try this out tommorow since school doesnt start until next week. I think that i might now reheat after my last set in the session because of the whole countering of the ice effect so I will only BTB. Any comments?


This method is nothing new; it’s been talked about for years, and I’ve been fooling around with it for about a year now with good results. I’ve found it is best to heat during the hang and ice after while extended with the ADS of your choice. Of course this is very experimental; I’ve been warned by professionals that it could be dangerous. Sunny, who is a bit of a tissue authority, advised me against it and also my urologist says best to keep circulation moving with heat and as you said icing will slow blood flow. I have found with PE sometimes the things that bring about the best results are risky. So proceed at your own risk.

Good luck

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could this method not increase circulation?

i remember reading how applying ice while having a hot shower stimulates blood flow in the area it is applied. Perhaps a technique based on this principle is called for.

THanks Big- Girtha, I have been researching about it on old threads but I dont really know anyone who as expermented with it and actually stuck with it so that they could then discuss either the positive or negative effects. How do you apply ice while have a hot shower? Wouldnt it almost melt on contact or are you saying take a hot bath and submerge your entire body under water except for you penis, which would be iced. I dont know how i could rig this up since my whole experiment is with hanging and it would kind of difficult to hang while in a bath and then apply ice, it sounds to complicated.

“If the ice pack is left on for more than 10 minutes, a reflex reaction occurs (Hunting effect) where the blood vessels dilate and blood is again pumped into the injured area, causing further bleeding and swelling.”
Do you think this means that if you held ice on your penis for over 10min while hanging that it would adapt, and start pumping blood again even though its chilled or is this only for an injury?

Another thing I found out
“Contrast hydrotherapies, which typically involve compresses or immersion, alternate heat with cold and are mainly used to dramatically stimulate local circulation. For example, a 30-minute contrast bath to the lower extremities (four minutes hot, one minute cold, repeated for a total of 30 minutes) can produce a 95% increase in local blood flow.”…525,705,00.html
Just and idea, i guess you could alternate heat and cold with a 4:1 ratio, I think im going to try to do this experiment and see what happens.

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The “sweat lodge” method of penis enlargement. :D

What do you mean by that?

Originally Posted by pyrsnwb
What do you mean by that?

In several cultures, including Native North American, there is a tradition of the sweat lodge, which is more or less a sauna. The men whould sit in it and sweat for awhile, then exit and immediately jump in a cold lake or stream. Which sounds like what you’re doing, only in miniature. :D

okie dokie

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