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Combo of lig/tunica hanging

Combo of lig/tunica hanging

Hey I was wondering, if you had time to spare, would it be good to do a combination of lig and tunica stretching to maximize gains, as opposed to spending the same amount of time on one area? anyone do this?

While hanging standing up I have sometimes touched toes to get a good variation. I think you could add more weight this way too since if it takes 20mins to fatigue at say 15lb straight down, then if you are touching toes during the 20mins you are not getting all that time in one place so maybe you could handle 20lb.

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Good question

Hey quijjiboo
I see your post was only a couple of days ago and hasn’t had time for much response other than Trigger’s, but I was wondering the same. My LOT is very low and I’m stretching and hanging up ots all the time, but I have a lot of time at work with no one around so I can virtually do PE all night. Once I’ve done my jelking and pumping sets and worked the tunica to exhaustion with weights and traction, I feel that spending some time hanging down or straight out couldn’t hurt. I was wondering if any of the vets out there might advise us if doing some lig work will take away from or slow any tunica gains for us low LOTers who spend most of our life hanging high. I know I should primarily be working the tunica but after long sets of up-hangs hanging low seem not only logical but also feel good. Still, some little voice tells me that stretching the ligs might regress any accomplishment to the tunica.

Thanks for any response

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quijjiboo and Big Girtha,

My theory when hanging was always to work one area or angle, either ligs or tunica, to exhaustion, total fatigue and then switch to another area. Of course, when I write “ligs or tunica”, I mean even individual portions of these structures.

This means that for a time, you are working on weakened tissues before they have the chance to heal and strengthen.

It really depends on how much time you have available to PE. If you have unlimited time, then you will probably have to change angles during the day as your primary angle causes too much fatigue. I did this often.

But if you have limited time, it might be best to stick with your primary angle until you cannot do it anymore. This may take much longer than the individual with unlimited time.

I do not know how hanging at an angle contrary to your primary angle could actually hurt anything, or “regress any accomplishment” to any structures.


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