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Cold ween syndrome?

Cold ween syndrome?

Is it normal to have your ween feel cold after hanging? I’m doing 10 lbs. off the edge of the bed for 20 minutes. After hanging my cod has kind of a sad, malnourished look and feel about it, and the head feels cool.

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Coldness during hanging is bad, it usually means loss of circulation. How long does the cold feeling last after hanging? You might try slapping your member against your leg or a few light jelqs to get the blood flowing again.

Hmmm, I figured it can’t be a good thing. The thing is, that if I make the hanger any looser it pretty much falls off. I suppose I’ll let my dong heal a few days then I’ll try adjusting the toe/gap settings.

It might sound weird, but you actually need to tighten your hanger more. Here’s a great thread about hanger tightness. What I got from it is that you have to tighten enough on the tissues that the pressure is applied to the ligs. By tightening more, your circulation will improve.

My head would always get a little cold and numb during hanging (which I know is bad), but when I took the hanger off, the numbness and cold would go away right away. Didn’t seem to do any damage to me and I gained 0.25”.

After a hanging session(3X20 minutes), the way my dick looks can be scary. Like Mick says, after a few minutes, all is well.


Stevie is correct. As long as your wrap is not too tight, circulation will generally improve the tighter the hanger is. A cold head usually occurs either because the soft tissues have not adapted yet to push blood under stress, or the hanger is not tight enough, slips down and causes a ‘noose’ affect around the head.

Just go with what you are comfortable with. If the head seems too cold, then cut your set short. Sets do not have to be twenty minutes.


What’s interesting is that the longer I hang (halfway through my second month), the less this is an issue. It gets cool, to be sure, but not cold or purple-ish or anything any more.

And not to reiterate something that’s been repeated so often around here, but proper wrapping is CRUCIAL. Practice that until you have it down.

"The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt."

-Bertrand Russell

Thank you all for your great feedback! Never woulda thought that it wasn’t on tight enough. It will just take some time and trying different methods to find the right way to bear the weight while minimizing damage to my sad little toothpick I suppose. Then once I get the thing comfortable, then I have to figure out what angles to best attack my 8:30 LOT with.

Your toothpick is only as sad as you are, my friend. Cheer up. Things’ll get better!

"The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt."

-Bertrand Russell

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