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Calling all users of the vacu-hanger2

Calling all users of the vacu-hanger2

I am seriously contemplating buying this and was hoping to get feedback from anyone who has used it in the past. Both negative and positive is welcome.

It is the one at and is a modified version of the original that I always thought about buying. I would really appreciate anyones comments on the products quality, effectiveness, ease of use, and overall comfort.

Nobody has used one before?

It is very good. But aren’t there other threads that already deal with this?

I don’t know what the modified version is but I have a vacu-hanger vintage 9/2006 and used it extensively and can’t complain. In other words I liked it and with the new sleeves was able to hang weights of around 20 lbs and greater, although I can’t recall how much greater, with no comfort issues. Again thanks to the new heavy duty light green sleeves.

There were weight issues with the non heavy duty sleeves so if you aim to hang very heavy you need the heavy duty sleeves. Otherwise the regular sleeves work fine.

But keep in mind that with a lot of use the sleeves and the head constrictor sleeve do waer out so you will be buying more, which is not a big deal in my opinion.

So although I have only used the vacu-hanger and don’t have a point of comparison I would say that this device held up exceedingly well during a years worth of very hard core usage. I did not have any issues with comfort or usability so I would give it two thumbs up.

My hanging results were modest after that year so I couldn’t help but wonder if I went with the Bib Hanger would I have had better gains. I actually asked Bib this in an e-mail and he said no. In other words, a different device (his device) would not have given me better gains.

In conclusion I would say that other than the Bib Hanger, largely due to Bib’s legendary reputation, I would say there is no better device than the Vacu-Hanger.

Lastly, I had outstanding customer service from monkeybar. I will say this again. I had outstanding customer service from monkeybar.

Good luck.

Thanks. That is exactly what I was hoping to hear.

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