Vacu Hanger Users

I am trying to get back on track with hanging. I have been around this board a while. I have definitely experimented and have dome many of the manual stretches and exercises. Lastly I have tried vacu hanging. I found it was easy enough to warm up, put the constriction sleeve on and attach the hanger. It was comfortable to me and not that complicated. For a week or two after vacu hanging I would feel fine. But as I increased weight and time my penis seemed to develop a loss of sensitivity. Which leads me to believe somewhere I went wrong from what I was doing right. Keep in mind while hanging I did not feel pain. I do alot of reading on the board ALOT. Maybe too much to the point where I feel lost. That’s how I feel right now, lost. I know this is all basically a trial and error exercises for people. I don’t mind that I have experimented and maybe not have gotten results but I have experimented and that’s fine with me. Now I ask the people who have gotten results again to suggest a hanging routine because I want to start over and try once again. I am comfortable with the vacu hanger and I really want to stick with it. It doesn’t matter if the gains are slower with this device I just want to be consistent with my routines with out injury or loss of sensitivity. I still want to wait a few weeks until I gain the sensitivity back before starting again. Do I need to go way back and start with the newbie routine? Again I am just asking for your advice, and some guidance. Thank you. Everyone on this board really does try to help and that’s great that the people who post on this board really want to help others.