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Bleed While Hanging

Bleed While Hanging

Hey guys, I have been hanging from last 3 weeks with muzzle hanger. I am uncircumcised. I use cotton wrap and then ace bandage for more grip. I used to hang 3kg with 3 sets of 20 mins with 10 mins gap between them. But few days back I saw blood on by cotton wrap as my foreskin bleed and a black dot was there. I have stopped hanging for sometime as giving it time to heal.

How to avoid this bleeding?

How can I make sure that my foreskin stay safe while I hang?

Sounds like some sort of trauma. I would stop for awhile to see if it goes away on its own. I haven’t had that happen so I can’t say for sure what it is.

I once had a similar experience and my observation was that the bleeding (as far as I see it, this is some kind of blister) was caused by traction of the foreskin on the wrap, or more accurately by having some excess skin out of the glans-end of the wrap, and the hanging weight pinches that skin (similar to pinching a finger on a door) . I don’t know if when you wrap for hanging you wrap your glans, while pulling back your foreskin, and then apply a new piece of bandage to the shaft while again pulling your excess skin back. I found that this way of wrapping gave me better traction and solved my slippage issues. Important thing to note is if you use this way of wrapping, or any way of wrapping for that matter, it is VERY important to pull your foreskin back and tuck it into the bandage (if you are uncut that is), as it will prevent similar injuries.

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