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Bib hanger import tax?

Bib hanger import tax?

Can anyone tell me if i get a bib hanger sent to the uk will i have to pay import tax on it?

I am quite interested in getting one but i don’t have large amounts of cash to throw around and i have been stung with hefty import taxes from things imported from the states before,

also how discrete is the packaging :)

Cheers again,

See Ya,


Mine arrived in a small brown cardboard box and the customs declaration gave no indication that it was a penis enlargement device! There are no directions in the box to give any hints so for all they know it could be a wrist support! I don’t know about the UK customs, but in Australia there is ceiling of au$200 before duties are charged. From my experience a similar approach is adopted by most customs departments throughout the world - on smaller value items it costs more to collect the tax than they receive back so there is no point. Also, the stated value of the item is the wholesale value which is much lower, so even if you were stung the charges will be minimal.

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Hi there!

My Bib Hanger suffered a lot to get to my home :) First it was Paypal problems, then cc problems, then the Bib Hanger got stuck in customs because they wanted an invoice. Bib sent one to me just mentioning “training equipment” because they didn’t knew what it was :) After about 3 weeks since the hanger arrived in my country (just the Atlantic Ocean between my country and the USA) I got the hanger from the customs guys. Probably they took those three weeks to try it out ;) )

Bottom line, it really depends on each country, but I had to pay around $20 to get it thorugh customs. But with all expenses counted, I would pay double the price of the hanger just to have this kind of quality equipement. I’m having my best hanging sessions ever. And whou should we thank? Bib :)



I am in the UK.

There was no charge to pay, it was listed on the form as $25. nothing can be charged based on price if it is less than £18. It was called training equipment on the box. There is nothing in or out of the box about it being for PE. Also, mine was not opened for inspection, but even if it was there is no way to tell what it is.

You need to sign fo it though. No charges, discreet, an made in the kitchen with love, apparently.


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