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BIB Hanger - Has anyone removed the gel?

BIB Hanger - Has anyone removed the gel?

I am considering removing the gel from my BIB in order to gain more room on top and bottom (like the new Beta Starter).

Has anyone done this and if so what problems does it cause?


I haven’t. However I might consider it. There’s several threads on modifying the Bibs.

I’m just getting back into hanging after about 9 months off. When I had quit, I had maxed out the gains I could get on up to 15 pounds weight. I wasn’t able to increase the weight due to head pressure - I could make it through the first set but not the second.

I’m restarting now at about 8 pounds and have been trying the newfangled HTW and /\ settings. I find the HTW lets the skin get up into the teeth and get pinched. The theraband was keeping that from happening. I wonder if people are trying to get more room top and bottom to prevent pinching allowed by the elasticity of the HTW.

I am glad to hear someone say that they max out on gains. And I am glad to see that you have come back to hanging. I too hit that point and took 6 months off from hanging. I am back to hanging and have several new features to my plan of attack. The battle is in full swing at the moment. I prefer the HTW as an underwrap versus the gauss I was using. The HTW is more sheer and gathers the skin better so that it does not fold on itself. However, I am finding that my shaft is squeezing out above and below the BIB “grips” and there simply isn’t a lot of room so I’m getting squished. It’s like I want the grips to stand out a few 1/16th from where they are. I am looking for comfort as I start ramping up the weight. I have some ideas that I will experiment with and share if they prove to be fruitful. I will search the forum for BIB modifications. Thanks

In any event, anyone who is seriously looking for comfortable hanging should try the HTW.

Good hanging,

I just read your post again…Have you tried the HTW under the thera? Also, head pressure… have you tried squeezing the glans as you tighten the BIB? BIB himself helped me through the head pressure thing. I thought I was killing my dick but I put my faith in BIB and tightened that sucker…it was awesome. I still get an occasional fat head at weights above 20 lbs but I just start over. Good luck and let me know if you find any new insights. I think that coming back after a decon break invokes a more structured approach and hense a greater chance of finding some of the secrets of efficient hanging gains.


I ripped out the gel on my old full sized bib and my new bib starter came with none. I like it much better without the gel.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Yeah Dino9X7! (Dam that 9X7) With your input I am getting closer to yanking the gel. I am wondering if that nasty non-skid material that has an adhesive backing would put those grips out there without bitting through the thera and HTW. I can’t help but wonder if the gel is there to make the Bib look more “worth the money” (which it is regardless) and in reallity it hinders the functionality. Maybe the original thought was…gel…no wrap. What do you think of the Beta Starter?

I love the beta starter I thinks it’s the best hanger to date on the market. It was Bigger himself who had suggested I yank the gel out at the time I was having girth issues with the bib which was leading to bruising. I had emailed him and told him that my gel had a slight tear and he said he would send me another hanger and that I should rip out the gel and keep the old hanger to see if I liked it and I did. Bigger also told me he prefers the hanger without the gel and that the gel was mostly just for added comfort.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

That’s really cool. What poundage can you get with the beta starter? What are the advantages over a standard Bib (without Gel)?

BTW. Your routine indicates that you jelq. How important is jelqing and why?


Right now I’m hardly jelqing because of time but I do really think it’s still the best PE exercise and it’s great for penis health especially when hanging nothing gets the blood flowing again better. Bigger changed the bib starter it’s a redesign so it feels more comfortable and adjustable. I like the bib starter because it’s smaller and I feel it hits the ligs and tunica that’s why I also liked the wench. I’m not going that heavy yet because I’m really afraid to start bruising again it took me a long time to get rid of it. I’m pretty sure I could load this up if I wanted to I used to get more slipping with the regular bib than I do with the new one.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I took the gel out of my Starter. I filled the holes with epoxy, after damming the exits with electrician’s duct seal(Home Depot and Lowe’s have this).

I also filed the sides concave in imitation of the Beta, and rounded out the top and bottom cavities like Beta.

I use the htw or head wrap, Conair version.

realmcdeal described to me how to loosen bottom bolts, tighten top bolt, tighten bottom bolts. Very important.

I have to insert a 3/4” x 2-1/4” rectangle of SpringBak insole under top teeth.

Currently hanging 16.5 lb easily.

Yes, might need to squeeze glans to remove blood while tightening for higher weights

Well I finally did it!!!

I removed the gel from my regular BIB. It only took a couple of minutes. I had to change the bottom nut setting to almost completely closed. My wrap is a double layer of sheer HTW overlayed with silver theraband.

I am very pleased with the comfort.

The gel was causing me to get pinched on the bottom side. I am anxious to see if this fixes the bruising on the bottom side.


I said conair but it’s Goodie htw for hanging. I use Conair for ads/ans, it has a seam so is not ideal for hanging, but is thicker so stiffer for ADS/ANS.

Interesting modifications to your Bib starter. Why did you add that insert?

Where did you buy the Goodie? And what model number is it?

My HTW is the Element model that Walmart sells. No seam. I really like it however I will try other wraps.
I think that the sheer-ness (its like a thick panty-hose material) is what makes the wrap comfortable by not allowing the skin to fold.

I also want to try some lighter gauge theraband that I have on hand. My thinking is that the Bib grips will get a better bite with less theraband and wrap. I’ll try it tonight.


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