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bib hanger for sale - slightly used


bib hanger for sale - slightly used

I have a used bibs hanger for sale if anyone is interested (see attachments). It’s in good condition except the rubber is starting to seperate in places probably because it is so soft. still grips fine. I’d like to get $80 for it and I can do PayPal. You can mail me at cliff21013 @ if you are interested or have questions. thanks

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For some reason spaces were added to my email address before and after the “@” making my email address dead and incorrect. You need to take the spaces out for it to work…thanks

It’s probably better that way because this part of the forum is public so posted mail addresses often end up on spam mailing lists.

Start • 5.94''x4.92''

Now • 6.50''x4.96''

Goal • 7.00''x5.75''

The lighting on it makes it look dirty. lol

Start 2-31-10 ___ EL:4.3"_____ BPEL: 4.75" ____ EG: 4.25"

Current ________ EL: 4.9" ___ BPEL: 5.9" _____ EG: 4.6"

Goal ___________ EL: 6.5" ____ EG: 5.25" ______________ New Routine: Jelqing 5 minutes, then Hang (12.5 lbs.) for 20 mins. a day

Originally Posted by ktsevens
The lighting on it makes it look dirty. lol

AGREE. You should have really picked white light.

Oh no, it’s clean. I washed it regularly and kept it in a clean towel in a drawer. Probably the color ballance on the pictures was off. Thanks for warning me. Here a few retakes. thank you

one more try…thanks

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I hope you gained well from it ;)

yea I did, I gained almost an inch and a half in a year. I gained a little from the home made hangers I made but could never get a comfortable grip to hang the weight I needed. It was fun while it lasted but my wife started sleeping on the couch so I lost interest in hanging.

Is this the Bib ‘original hanger’ or the ‘starter’ ?

It’s the “starter” version.

Trust me I have one and it looks the exact same it isn’t dirty.

Originally Posted by springer
It’s the “starter” version.

The start is the best one in my opinion unless you already have a 10x7 inch dick, in which case what are doing hanging! Give the rest of us a change.

And springer are you sure you don’t want to hang to it for a bit? If your wife is sleeping on the couch that doesn’t sound good meaning in the future there might be new women in the picture. But hey if you’re perfectly happy with your size then yes by all means sell it. I might of considered it but I purchased a new one this Monday.

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