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Best Hanger Setup For Limited Time

Best Hanger Setup For Limited Time

So I Have Been Reading The Hanging 101 Thread And It Is Extremely Informative. One Thing I Noticed Is Hanging Seems To Require Many Hours A Day To Be Effective And Although I Would Like To Get Started Asap With Hanging I Really Dont Have Two Hours A Day To Devote To It. I Am Currently Doing A Manual Routine In The Morning And Pumping In The Evenings. I Have At Most 1 Hour A Day To Dedicate To Hanging.

Is That Enough Time To Make It Worthwhile And See Gains? Second Question Is Being That I Am Limited In Time And That Im Also Pumping Would A Vac Hanger Be A Better Choice? It Appears That Its Quicker To Put On And That You Can Stay In It For Longer Sets Which Means I Maximize That One Hour I Have.

My Ideal Day Would Be Wake Up And Do An Hour Of Hanging Then Jelq In The Shower. In The Evening Do Some Stretches And Then Pump. 3 Days On 1 Off 2 On 1 Off.

1 hour a day is probably not enough because 1 hour is actually an hour and a half in terms of hanging because there is more to it then just strapping in and hanging plus there’s a huge learning curve. What I will say tho is as time goes on and you get to a heavier weight an hour would probably be enough to gain but again it’s more then an actual hour. Guys that gain from hanging do one of two things, they either hang somewhat light for several hours or they hang somewhat heavy for less hours. However they have one things in common in the beginning they hung more hours to get conditioned.

Yeah between work the gym the kids and PE i already get up at 6am and go to sleep at 12am i figured i could get up an hour earlier to hang before the kids start knocking down my door at 6:30am but it would be 1 hour total time so i thought maybe 2 sets of 20 mins plus 20 mins prep time.

You could possibly gain I don’t want to say you can’t but those first few months will be at light weights and working on technique, wrapping and such so if you don’t see a gain you may get discouraged. The bottom line is it will take you much longer then someone hanging a full hour to two hours a day. I started seeing gains at around 10lbs and my last hanging cycling I only did 3x20 and I did see a small gain but that was at around 10lbs. Unfortunately life got busy and I probably lost that small gain. I wonder if you would do better doing lots of stretching instead

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