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Ball sac stretcher

Ball sac stretcher

Hi all,
Long time I didn’t come read, I have a question for you guys, given that my ball sac is mostly pretty tight what do you think about iron stretchers?
If you think they work I’ll give it a try, also for fun, how do you suggest to choose the size and where online to find good ones?



I don’t know what an iron stretcher is but i also had tight balls. Started stretching my nuts(balls) after a showering and when going to the bathroom each time about 5 min. After a couple of weeks I was able to put on some ring I got at the hardware store by the chains. Then started to use a wrap called Hometics Thera:p in the first aid section for wrist pain. Was able to wrap during work made a little buldge but not obscene. Now I have 10 rings that weigt one pound plus use the thera wrap. Good luck

You might try leather cock rings around your balls to stretch them out. Do a web search for “Picture Brite Corp.” Get a cock ring with snaps for adjustment. Figure out which snap adjustment fits best then figure out what that diameter is. Use that diameter as the inside diameter for a metal 2 piece split collar. For metal stretchers, go to a place that specializes in ball bearings and mechanical equipment. Ask for a stainless steel 2 piece split shaft collar. When putting the steel collar on, put your leather strap on first, which will make putting the leather collar on easier. Be careful with the edges on the steel collar since they can be sharp.

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