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Ball sac stretcher

Ball sac stretcher

Here are my ideas for those men that want a pair of lower hanging balls. Warning: this is an extremely simple device.

I first began thinking about this when I saw some ball stretchers at I was actually planning on buying some when I stumbled upon chickenchoker’s all night ADS device that has a velcro strap thing in it. So I thought to myself, “Why can’t I just use velcro to make some ball stretchers? It would be much cheaper than buying them.”

So I went to the hardware store and bought a few feet of velcro (the kind that has a strip of soft stuff and a strip of the hooks, with sticky backs on both of them). I measured the distance around the upper part of my sac (2.5 inches), and doubled that, and knew that was how long my strip of velcro needed to be. I then took the soft velcro stuff and measured out twice the length that I had already come up with (10 inches) and added an inch for overlap, so I could secure it(11 inches).

I then nearly doubled the strip over on itself (I say nearly because I left an inch for the overlap), so that I now had a double sided soft velcro strip, with one inch of sticky on one side. I then cut one inch of hook velcro stuff and stuck that to the extra inch of the original strip. Voila!

Then I wrapped the strip around the top of my sac twice and pulled all the extra scrotum skin out to make sure I was getting as much stretch as possible. I left it on for about 2 hours, twice yesterday and twice today, and can notice a bit of a difference so far, but it seems to be temporary so far. Hopefully after a while it will be permanent.

This is where you folks come in. I need some volunteers to try my device out for one month, wearing it as often as you see fit, and report back in this forum as you notice anything, good or bad, about effects, discomfort, suggestions, or anything else.

On your marks…get set…STRETCH THAT SAC!!!


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Whoops, got the measurements wrong. The length of the strip of soft velcro was 21 inches, then I doubled it over, leaving an inch to spare for the hooks. Sorry about that.

69 views, and no responses! What’s the deal? I need folks to try this out! It’s working well for me, and its comfortable.


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Hey I've got a response

Hello, I have a response. How tight? How does blood travel throughout your balls? Is there any strain on the testicles? Have you experienced any discomfort? Wouldn’t it be better to find a way just to stretch the skin?


Wanna read something weird 9C9…

LongWalk - What’s the best cock ring for PE?

Pretty funny, huh? Great minds think alike!

Good idea for the sac stretcher! Since it’s easy to release, it’s nice and safe! May have to put another one together just for that reason!



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Wow that’s great LongWalk! I think I’ll make a cockring next! And BTW, I was born in Marietta…(Twilight Zone music in background).

C_Allen_Jones, don’t make it too tight…just enough to hold the balls lower than usual. This stretches the skin out quite well. And no strain on the boys…ouch! No I wouldn’t wear it if it caused any discomfort to my balls. The only problem I’ve run into so far is that yesterday I had a bit of skin pinched from not pulling it all the way down out of the wrap. I didn’t think it would be a big deal but when I took it off it really stung for a few minutes! But after that it was fine.

Oh yeah…another problem is the smell of the thing…anything surrounding your nuts for a long time isn’t going to smell good after a while, so I’ll be washing mine at least weekly.

Oh yeah again! I actually wore it for a good 8 hours or so today with no problem. And they’re hanging nicely tonight. But I’ll say again, I’m sure it will take a good while before it is permanent. But once I quit getting as much of a stretch as I do now, I’ll be getting some wider velcro!

Enjoy, and let me know how it comes along.


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Good luck, yeah I had the ole skin pinch trying something similar. I just do it with my hands now, I will try some different things and if I find anything to report, I will do so.


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