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AI (Johan) Stretches & Hanging



Yep… as simple as that. I usually perform 3 sets of 15… sometimes I add a 4th, then go on to hanging.

AI Stretches

Johnny, Johan,et al,

I read Johan’s original post and questioned how muscle theory applies to ligaments. I then read Johnny’s post about AI stretches “fatigueing” his ligaments. Since I’ve been hanging 6 months w/o results it was pointed out to me by goindeep(thanks deep) that I wasn’t hanging in the fatigued state. Since then,several weeks, I’ve been doing so. Its too soon to expect results yet but I feel changes are occuring. When I read Johnny’s post about fatigueing ligaments with AI stretches it was like an answer from above. I’ve tried it for several days ,usually doing the stretches in hot shower just before hanging. I swear I can see results already. This brings up a point I’ve wondered about since starting to hang. I’v gotten no results from many hours of hanging(average 2 hours/day) and yet many report good results from manually stretching in various ways. The question this raises in my mind is “is there benefit just from the application (and deletion) of the stress as opposed to continuous application of stress? Any thoughts?

My experience, like Johnny’s, is AI stetches realy help fatigue the ligaments. I’ll post results after I continue a little longer.

Thanks for your post, Johnny. I think that for me you may have solve a real problem.



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