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After 6 months of hanging


Originally Posted by tester123123
Yep, you need to hang at every angle, not just BTC. I was in the same boat, gains came to a complete halt until I started targeting other angles.

3-4 hours a day??
Wow.How do you find the time?

Originally Posted by Wamrage
3-4 hours a day??
Wow.How do you find the time?

Its only 6 x 20 minute sets. I’d do it while I’m surfing, while I’m watching TV… just about anytime where I’m sitting still. Helps when you dont have a full house, there would be no way if I did. I’ve actually cut down to 3 x 20 minute sets. I’ve hit my goal, just making sure my gains are cemented. I hadn’t updated my signature in a about 6 months.

2009: 5.8 BPEL 5.0 EG Before hanging.

2011: 7.7 BPEL 5.4 EG Hanging 1 to 2 hours a day with Bib starter (padded).

Goal : Length goal hit, cementing now. working on 6.0 EG now.

After disregarding the basic bib hanging instructions on my first month of hanging.I now abibe by them.start with 3-5 lbs and working on being able to handle 12 sets per day - Then add 1 or 2 lbs a week. I don’t think I have time for 12 sets though so.I’ll have to adjust this somehow.

That’s a lot of weight BTC? How is your erection level? Just curious

I have been hanging nearly 4 months now (up to 15lb for starting weight decreasing with fatigue) and have made no apparent gains, I do 3x20min sets in the morning and 3x20min evening, is this enough sets?

I am definitely what you call a hard gainer as I started PE over a year ago jelqing for 45-60 mins and manual stretching for 20 mins a day for 8 months, no apparent gains there either.


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