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ADS recommendations

ADS recommendations

Hey all,

I’ve been using the Bib for about a month now, and am hanging 10lbs for 20 minutes, 3 times, each morning. I’m really not seeing many gains yet, but at 5 in., I suspect I’m going to be a hard gainer. I notice after I take the bib off, the little guy immediately retracts, and seems to stay that way most of the day. I’m thinking that if I had some sort of all day stretcher to wear after the Bib, I might start seeing results. I know it’s only a month, but I’d like to see something. Any suggestions for ADS devices?



First, try lil’s Theraband type ADS found in the tutorials section. Very cheap.


bomber, i had the same problem as you. I changed my whole routine. I found out that 20 min was a little too long for me and that i needed to add more sets. so instead of the 3@20mins everyday i am now at 6@15mins, 2 in the morning(depending on time i also throw in some jelqing and use a cockring) and 4 in the evening. You may also want to start adding heat to your hanging session by resting a ricesock on your ligs.


Yes the Theraband ADS-er is what I use, its effective but its hard to get a decent amount of tension without affecting circulation, because the more tension you use the tighter it has to be to stay on. But it will keep you in the extended state that the hanging sets provide while still adding some tension.



You’re welcome. Do you wrap your dick and balls or just at the base of your dick only?


So far I’ve only been wrapping my dick for about an hour after working out. I’ve just started to wrap up the shaft a bit because as I’d slowly loose blood out the top of my dick would shrink and be a wrinkled mess up there when I took it off. Now it seems to keep everything at least stretched out even if it’s not engorged with blood. Feels great. I am going to try wrapping both though.


Thanks for all the advice. I’ll keep adjusting my routines until I see something happening.

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