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ADS Necessary?

ADS Necessary?

I already got a great response from lg hanger rep saying ads is beneficial.

But is it necessary to use an ads to gain maximum length?

Scenario A 2 hours hanging every day progressive program 1hr morning 1hr night using a penis pump once daily and hgw to have a big engorged flaccid all the time.

Scenario B Same hanging routine but using a penis ADS system all waking hours and pumping once a day same as scenario A.

Now will person B get a longer penis after maximum gains has been reached or when gains slow down to a minimum?

Is it really worth it rhe anxiety about ”will my ads show through my pants from the back when I walk up stairs” ”will the ads show when im walking fast,sitting down etc.”

After all its really not natural to have a rigid against the leg penis that never changes position. Which happens when you use a down the leg ads, even the most stealth variants like esl40 or lghabger ads will give a almost erect girth profile pinned to the leg.

I recently became self conscious about whether or not the penis shows from behind when walking with an ads on. Also it is very unnatural looking sitting down unless you have super baggy pants. It is not a fear of showing vpl its a fear of it looking unnatural and people understanding the penis is tied up and stretched out.

My case has worked so. Constant ADS hang with times of heavy hangs seemed to help me. Pump the shit out of it as well. Fuck the shit out of everyone work well always.

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